Reader, I married him.

Orkney Beef and I argued in the week about who was the most romantic. It wasn’t so much an argument as a two-minute conversation where he declared himself the most romantic of the two of us and I pretty much said that he wasn’t. This debate was sparked by the fact that it’s Valentine’s day this weekend but I don’t really go in for all that. We do however have a small celebration of the date we got together which happened to be Valentine’s day 5 years ago but this was completely by accident not design.

It was the result of a near miss. I had grown tired of shining a torch for him for years and told him on the evening of 13th that our non-relationship was off completely due to his lack of interest, then went to bed thinking I’d never have anything to do with him again.  This sparked a 4.00am visit from him the next morning where he had obviously woken up and smelled the coffee (even though I hate coffee and never drink it so the smell didn’t come from my direction) and decided he had no time to waste and needed to not let this one get away.  I knew that morning as he sat on my couch I was  going to marry him. He’s my lobster and I’d waited a long time.  We married later that year and Orkney Beef has taken his ‘in sickness and in health’ vows very seriously.  Since we married he has been in  hospital very ill with an auto immune disease which affects his liver and leaves him permanently medicated, and last year in critical care of another hospital  with multiple organ failure due to septic shock.  Against the odds he survived them both and there has been much joking about him being perfectly well until he married me.  He is more likely to buy flowers, book a table in a restaurant and bring home chocolates and he’s a great step father to my children but my  gestures include always making sure his life saving medications are ordered, carefully popping them all into little plastic dispensing pots to keep him alive and not pressing the pillow over his face when he snores. Quite frankly that’s romance enough for anybody, he’s a lucky man.

Oh and happy half price chocolate day on Monday.



The amazing knitted lobsters  for our wedding cake were kindly made by my friend Julie and you can read about and purchase other knitted animals here



7 thoughts on “Reader, I married him.

  1. I remember that morning very well. The excitement in your voice when you called me poured out of the phone. So glad he finally saw sense. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both x


  2. Reblogged this on Norq From Ork and commented:

    ‘you can link arms with me to stop you slipping over if you like’ said Orkney Beef. But this was only because we were in the middle of no where and not a soul in sight to see him. It was my Valentine’s Day ‘treat’ I don’t want to generalize too much about Orkney men but they’re not into the their big pubic displays of affection. But at least he came on a walk with me and allowed me to steady myself going down a slippy path. I’m a lucky girl right? Happy Valentine’s day all of you, and here’s the story of how we ended up in such domestic bliss.


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