Reader, I married him.

‘you can link arms with me to stop you slipping over if you like’ said Orkney Beef. But this was only because we were in the middle of no where and not a soul in sight to see him. It was my Valentine’s Day ‘treat’ I don’t want to generalize too much about Orkney men but they’re not into their big public displays of affection. But at least he came on a walk with me and allowed me to steady myself going down a slippy path. I’m a lucky girl right? Happy Valentine’s day all of you, and here’s the story of how we ended up in such domestic bliss.

Norq From Ork

Orkney Beef and I argued in the week about who was the most romantic. It wasn’t so much an argument as a two-minute conversation where he declared himself the most romantic of the two of us and I pretty much said that he wasn’t. This debate was sparked by the fact that it’s Valentine’s day this weekend but I don’t really go in for all that. We do however have a small celebration of the date we got together which happened to be Valentine’s day 5 years ago but this was completely by accident not design.

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