Dear Orkney (part 2)

Dear Orkney

There appears to be a dreadful misunderstanding.  I refer to my earlier letter to you written on March 7th 2016.  See here.

In my previous letter I thanked you for the end of winter, being able to peg out washing, do some gardening and not needing to resort to chocolate.  I sang your praises in every conceivable way and told you I didn’t want to break up with you.

So can you explain why the view from my sitting room window today was this?


When it’s supposed to look  like this


yes, that’s right; instead of sunshine, that’s not unreasonable to expect when it’s almost May, we had blizzards, mind numbing cold and wind enough to cancel boats.

What in the heck?


I’ve started so I might as well finish

  • I’m managing gardening about ten minutes at a time at the moment.
  • It’s always worst on my days off.  Kindly stop this.
  • Instead of having to coax the hens back to the house with imaginary handfuls  of sweetcorn, they are choosing to stay in  huddled together for maximum warmth.
  • My trustee turtle neck winter jersey is being worn again instead of returning to the winter wardrobe bag
  • For the first time in 8 years I momentarily considered moving away to warmer climates.
  • When I see a liner in, full of hopeful tourists, I actually feel embarrassed about the weather. I feel I have to rush up to them and apologise and say it’s not always like this.  This is YOUR fault.
  • I could go on and on but this is meant to be a positive blog not a whingy, whiny one.

You have one thing in your favour right now and it’s this

poppies 25th April

the beautiful and very emotional poppy display at the cathedral.  It’s been much talked about, much photographed and worth all the fuss and attention.  I wanted to take some lovely sunny pictures but unfortunately I was nearly blown over and it was icy cold.  I retreated and will attempt another day.

So, to summarize.  The weather, it’s snowing again, get it sorted.  Your final warning.

*stern look*

Norq from Ork






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