My Week In Pictures – It’s Too Hot

I’m going to start this week’s roundup by being a great big gigantic hypocrite.  I’m sure if you scour the internet you’ll find something about a woman’s right to change her mind and I’m exercising that right and privilege right now.  Last week I waxed lyrical at my exasperation over those people complaining about how hot it was in Orkney.  Such weather is a rare and welcome sight and I didn’t want it to end.  That was before I came to London to visit Miss Lashes and NotPhil and stepped off the plane into a veritable sauna.  I’ve been whining for days about how hot it is now, (somewhere in the 30s) and I’m very, very sorry for everything I ever said last week.

Much as I don’t miss the English weather and lack of sea breeze, it has been lovely to return to my homeland and be part of English life for a while.  We visited a National Trust home today and it was thoroughly British.  Picnics on the lawn and wandering round stately homes seeing how the other half live.  All very civilized.

Enjoying the shade
How the other half live

Prior to my launch into being a London tourist, I practiced being a tourist back in Orkney.  A friend came to visit from England up to Orkney.  we traveled around the island and it was lovely to see Orkney through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time again. I wouldn’t say I take it for granted, but I do rush past on my way to work or home to make tea and rarely stop to smell the proverbial roses these days.  Having seen the Ring of Brodgar from my car every day for years it made a change to go and visit it again this week.

Ring of Brodgar



Ancient stones together beautiful heather and wildflowers

We also took a stroll down the streets of Stromness.  One of my favourite places in Orkney for its history and my desire to time travel.


Washing dries in the sea breeze and a child’s bucket and spade is poised ready for more beach play.


Family BBQs proved fun and gave Orkney Beef an opportunity to show off his cooking skills.  He then took charge of the everyone in selfie. it only took about 150 attempts to get us all looking the same way at the same time. Not bad.

Orkney Beef abandons career plans in photography

I can’t let this week go by without mentioning what would have been my brother Simon’s 50th birthday.  He took his own life nearly ten years ago and it’s hard to imagine where ten years of life without him have gone.  Sadly, in those years millions have struggled with their mental health and many other millions have done their best to support them.  I wish my brother could have known the impact his suicide had on his many family and friends.  Would it have saved him?  I don’t know, but please, if you are struggling, I will put some links at the bottom for places where you can access support. Happy birthday in heaven bro.


It doesn’t feel like a Sunday to me as I’m lost in an on holiday-too-hot vortex.  Have a great week, be kind to each other and don’t forget to appreciate every day.

Still working on the selfies
Burray, Orkney.



American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


6 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – It’s Too Hot

  1. Wish I could been in Orkney in this weather – it must have been glorious (especially Stromness where I spent my childhood) – but I can’t imagine anything worse than being in London in this heat! So sorry to hear about your brother. It’s hard to comprehend the impact that something must have, and it must take a long time to come to terms with it, if indeed you ever do. Hugs.

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    1. You grew up in a wonderful place Susan. Stromness seems idyllic for a childhood home. Thank you for your kind words re Simon. It’s something you learn to live with but never forget. ❤


  2. Sarah, your photographs this week are so beautiful. I especially like Burray, Orkney. Come on down to Texas, where it is 37.77 Celsius, 100 Fahrenheit, where we eat hot chili to cool down. 🙂

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    1. Hi Annie. That sounds HOT! It’s about that temperature here now and just too much for me. 🙂 I’m glad you like the photos. I only have a phone camera so I can’t do a lot of pictures justice unfortunately. Still Orkney lends itself to stunners on sunny days.


  3. Hi Sarah, we were delighted to visit Orkney again recently while the weather was lovely and see some of Orkney at its very best Plus catch up with some friends. Now our son is staying in Stromness for a year we are looking forward to more visits The community spirit is great there and folks so friendly. Love reading your blogs, still catching up on some as just joined in.

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    1. Hello Liz thank you for taking time to comment. Orkney has been really lovely although I believe rain is expected today. The gardens need it though. You must be Ally’s Mum are you? I’ve just worked it out. We are delighted to have him at the Kirk. 😃


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