My Positives In Pictures

We are living in unprecedented times. How do I know this? because every five seconds someone on the tv says the word ‘unprecedented’ and although I fully grasp the severity of the situation, if I hear ‘unprecedented’ one more time I’m going to cry into my Thesaurus.

Quarantine is tough on everybody and we are all sick and tired of being part of a major historical event. Orkney Beef is in the shielded category which means he’s holed up for 12 weeks with only me and Tech support for company and I’m sure it must be worse than prison. I prefer to call it safe at home rather than stuck at home and try to word it that way. But I can’t really bring you a lot for my traditional week in pictures because we’re not getting out much in this ground hog day experience we are going through. So I’ve decided to focus on the positives. This in no way minimises or disregards the horror that many people are going through. But to find a way through, and to keep our sanity intact we need to look for the good. For the next wee while, my blog will be my positives in pictures. Or something along those lines.

  1. Having to work from home, I feel hugely grateful that I am still getting a wage and the life that was so incredibly busy that I met myself coming back either way has finally slowed down. This is a good thing. I needed to take stock and I’ve managed to tackle some of the long procrastinated jobs that I never had time or energy for. I now get a mini surprise every time I open the mug cupboard as it’s so clean!
  2. I am in love with the online community of people who’s creativity in times of adversity lifts all our spirits. For me it’s the outdoor swimming community who have made wonderful and fun ways to get their cold water fix. The best-being people attaching bungee cords to themselves so they can still swim in a paddling pool! Good for them. We need to remember that in our complaining about how hard done by we are, we’re not being asked to send our kids to war, just to stay home a few weeks and right now people can’t even mourn their own dead so it’s a small price to pay. I’m actually walking more than ever because it’s my constitutional right to do so and we are incredibly lucky to live in an area with vast open spaces and not see a soul. The picture is taken from one of our government approved walks.
  3. I’ve had the opportunity to teach Tech Support some simple recipes and although he’s probably miserable at being at home and not living his best student life, I’ve appreciated the bonus time with him.
  4. There’s something powerful about us all going through this together don’t you find?
  5. I’ve always maintained that the people keeping the country going are the lower paid working glass people not the ridiculously paid actors and footballers. So it’s good to see them appreciated so much more by society now.

I’m off to do a zoom quiz with the family. I hadn’t even heard of zoom until 4 weeks ago but now I’m using it almost daily along with words like self isolate, social distance and unprecedented. Here’s hoping we all make it through safely and we never have to use such language again. Happy Easter!



8 thoughts on “My Positives In Pictures

  1. You’re so right Sarah, though it has been hard for me in some ways lately, the staying at home part is the easy part, the least we can do for those on the ‘front line’.
    What I wouldn’t give to be walking on that beach.
    You & your family stay safe x

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