Bouncing Back

Hellooooo!  Those of you that don’t follow my Facebook Page or Instagram Seasaltandsarah will be wondering what happened to me.  I took a little break from blogging following a serious case of overwhelming after an exceptionally busy Christmas and New year when my daughter was in hospital.  Thankfully things have settled down a lot now and I really valued a much-needed rest.  I even managed to self isolate before self-isolating was cool and took myself off in January for a three-day retreat in the highlands.  Despite traveling on the windiest of days and bobbing about like a cork on the sea, I made it across the waters unscathed and stayed at a quiet little Air B&B which had the most exquisite bedroom to lock yourself away into and that’s exactly what I did.

 I spent three days in there, sleeping, reading and writing and only emerged to eat.  I was made so welcome and unjudged to do whatever I needed to do to recover from overwhelm and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.  So much so I might schedule something like this in again for the future.  It did me the power of good.

IMG_0815 2

Earlier in the year I saw the best sunrise I’ve ever experienced since being in Orkney.  The skies were ablaze and it was jaw-dropping.

Orkney Ablaze

And Orkney Beef and I had two weeks in Lanzarote with the Mothership and Father Bear where Orkney Beef joined me in the sea because it was much warmer.  We came home with suntanned skin and rested bodies. On the way over, Orkney Beef was sitting away from me on the plane and told the air hostess I could choose anything I wanted from the catalouge for Valentine’s Day, so I chose pie and chips. *

GPTempDownload 17

*Joke, it was a bottle of perfume obvs.

Returning home to the cold waters of Orkney was terrifying and I had to make myself get back in before I lost my nerve.  The first swim was positively painful.  I almost didn’t think I could do it anymore, but with persistence, I was soon re-acclimatised and managed my first swim in ice which was something I’d wanted to do ever since I started outdoor swimming and was the most exhilarating experience of my swimming life.


Icy waters fulfilled a dream

It goes without saying that all eyes are on the strange times we have landed in right now and there’s a rising sense of panic, almost hysteria among some. I tend to be of the keep calm and carry on group and while I obviously do my best to prevent and not spread, my shopping habits haven’t remotely changed.  I’ve not bought one extra toilet roll, tin of tomatoes or pasta packet. I live on the edge.

I put something on my social media the other day which seemed to be well received

‘Is everyone doing ok? It’s all a bit weird isn’t it? I ordered loo roll because our loo roll ran out and now I feel I have to explain myself for buying loo roll. I feel I have to justify it if I cough or sneeze despite having been coughing and sneezing for 50 years. I laugh at memes and jokes and the lighter side of social media and then I feel afraid for a world that has tipped on its axis. I feel calm and able to carry on as usual, then occasionally I wonder if the invisible monster is lurking ready to pounce. I think about generations before who’ve dealt with scary times in the past and how my greatest hope is that we will all pull together if things get worse. I want you to know I would share my soap/pasta/toilet roll with you should you need it. And I remind myself as I always do in times of trouble. This too shall pass. If woody can survive Andy growing up, I can survive this’

and I draw strength from remaining calm and keeping my faith in a world that seems to be spiraling out of control.

IMG_0789 2

The happiest news of all is my book is nearly finished!  yes, readers, thank you for your patience and I’m delighted to say it’ll be available to buy in a few month’s time.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  My imposter syndrome is strong! I’m humbled by the volume of people wanting to buy it, but also feel slightly sick. I’m sure that’s normal.  So if you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be in the water, calming myself down, and right now it seems like the safest place to be!GPTempDownload 18



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  1. Sarah, welcome back to the strong voice of reason. You are such a tonic during these crazy times…, I would share my paracetamol with you too :0)

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