My Week In Pictures

Does anyone else feel like Christmas already feels like it was months ago? I was quite glad to get back to work just to finally find out what day of the week it was and to stop eating all the leftover cheese and chocolate. Miss Lashes and NotPhil came up just before New Year and were late no thanks to a cancelled flight,  followd by a delayed flight (and a lost suitcase on the return home!)  However, she eventually arrived in Orkney to a whiteout.  It delayed flights and makes for difficult driving but at least looks pretty.  Miss Lashes took these photos as soon as she arrived home. A far cry from London.




Hogmany (New Years Eve for those not familiar with the word) saw the revival of an age old tradition in Stromness.  The Yule log was an annual activity were teams of Northenders and Soothenders had a tug of war with a log.  It stopped in the 30’s I believe, but was revived this year and everyone turned out to watch.  The atmosphere was fabulous and men and women all joined in to heave.  It was over pretty quickly but there was great spirit about the event and I’m sure next year the losing team will come back strong!


We saw 2018 in with fantastic friends.  A games night with lots of laughter followed by many first-footers.  It really was a brilliant night and I couldn’t think of a better way to bring in the New Year.

Happy 2018!

And before we knew it, it was time for Miss Lashes and NotPhil to be on their way again.  Miss Lashes starts a new graduate trainee job this coming week and we wish her all the very best.

Saying goodbye at the airport.

One of the most difficult things about being a mother is seeing your kids fail and have to get themselves back up again.  Tech Support (son) has had many attempts at sitting his theory test, six to precise.  Disappointment is part of life and I’ve always believed we should not shield our children from this.  However, I was getting to the point when I didn’t know what I was going to do with him if he failed it again!   His hard work and persistence finally paid off and he finally passed with an excellent score.  He now has a piece of paper worth a lot of money and a valuable lesson in never giving up. Well done Tech Support, on to the practical.


New Year means new calendar.  My desk calendar is a daily tear off one with some tongue in cheek ‘inspiration’ and sarcasm. It looks to be a great way to start the day.  I’ll try and remember my weekly favourites to share.


Epiphany was celebrated in Christian calendars this weekend (and covered in Songs of Praise if anyone else watches it?)  My lovely friend Deirdre from Ireland shared this picture on her Facebook.  Someone asked for a translation and she wrote this ‘it means ‘May we be alive this time next year’. (although literally ‘ar an am seo arís’ means ‘at the same time again’). At the Celebration of the Eucharist for the Feast of the Epiphany today, Fr Enda mentioned a lot about it being ‘Nollaig na Mban’ – women’s Christmas or Little Christmas. And he said that phrase a few times also, so I’m guessing it was traditionally said on the 12th day of Christmas. Possibly used at a toast! Edit: Although more likely it was a prayer’

I thought it was absolutely lovely.  Have a great 2018 and may we be alive this time next year.



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  1. Feels like it was months away. Between the sicks, David’s hunt for work and the kids back at school it feels like Christmas kinda disappeared. It’s back to kiddies birthday parties, extra murals and real life…….sigh

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