My Week In Pictures

Tomorrow is known on the calendar as Blue Monday and right now I can see why.  I honestly can’t stand January and already I feel like I’m crawling on my hands and knees to reach spring.  And spring is miles away! Last Monday was far from blue, however.  In fact, it could be named red Monday going by the skyline.  I was at work in my office so I missed the whole thing, but if my Facebook timeline was anything to go by I missed a treat.  Here’s one taken by Orkney Beef of the view from his office window.

Stromness ablaze at sunset

How do you cope with January blues?  I decided to treat myself to an hour of time to myself.  I’ve always loved libraries and our local is open late on Mondays and Thursdays.  So I took myself off there after work and read a book for an hour before heading home.  It was absolute heaven, and better still no one noticed so it’s definitely on my to-do list for another trip.

The Orkney Library Twitter account is absolutely hilarious and well worth a look. We have some very talented people working there with brilliant humour.  On the subject of books, I asked a question on my Norq from Ork Facebook page which produced a massive response.  I reminisced about books that have made me cry sometimes in inconvenient places like airports (locked myself in the toilet to cry when I finished The Notebook) or trains (looking out of the window and sniffing) and went on to ask, ‘what book made you cry?’ I now have an enormous reading list and you’ll be mopping me up soon.  But please let me know YOUR choices and I’ll pull together a comprehensive make-you-cry reading list.


Something that always makes me smile though is my sarcastic desk calendar.  And judging by some of this week’s contributions it looks like the calendar hates January as much as I do.


As I type, I can hear the roof tiles rattling it’s so windy.  We are set for some pretty grim weather this coming week I believe.  Oh Joy.  Have a good one peeps, and keep your chin up, this too shall pass….


4 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures

  1. Methinks I need that calendar! Unfortunarely I didnt bring my copy of the I have life book otherwise I would have posted it to you….it is very “heavy” reading….heart heavy not brain heavy. In other news doesn’t January feel like it’s miles long….far to much month at the end of my money. The children are complaining that’s there’s no snow to make it pretty and too cold to go on woodland walks most days and “mommeeeee when’s spring” so yes I feel you. Nothing like your blog to make us feel unlovely (if thats even a word) in our post crimbo slump! Chat soon. Love from us


  2. Hi, Mrs Norq,

    I have just finished reading ‘Philip a novel’ by Chris Duffett. Gilead Books ISBN 978-1-9997224-1-8 It follows the life of Philip the Evangelist through the limited mentions he receives in the Bible. Some people do not feel comfortable with such books as they see them as adding to the Holy Scriptures. However, I defy anyone to read it without being moved.

    The book follows the life of Philip from boyhood intertwined with the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus and how these events shaped Philip’s life. It describes how in must of felt for those who came to accept Jesus as their Saviour and receive the power of The Holy Spirit.

    I wept and wept as Chris opens up what is must have been like for those early Christians. The joy of that early faith reminded me of my conversion and being born again some 35 years ago. Taking me back to the moments of conversion and acceptance that have stayed with me ever since.

    Lots and lots of blessings and love.

    Bob B. (from my flu bed)!!!


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