Happy World Introvert Day

According to the internet, January 2nd is marked as world introvert day and has been since 2011. I’m wondering if this date was chosen because everyone is post-Christmas and New Year peopled out by now, so it’s a chance for the introverts of the world to celebrate their special day in their own homes, quietly, alone, with a book or jigsaw.

I recently asked friends on Facebook and other social media what they thought I was, extrovert or introvert. It produced a massive response with some very insightful comments.  One friend said ‘you come across as an extrovert in your writing’ and many others including The Mothership said I was most definitely an extrovert.

People quite rightly said that it was something on a scale. We are rarely hard extrovert or introvert. (At this point I stepped in and asked people not to speak of scales at such a sensitive time of year!) One friend said I was ‘an introvert trapped inside an extrovert’s body’ and there were friends introduced me to ‘HSP’ Highly Sensitive People and Myers Briggs tests. I found the whole discussion really interesting.  It may surprise many to know that the quote which sat most comfortably with how I feel about myself was this one. ‘Strong introvert but very good at passing as an extrovert’

While I fully accept we shouldn’t brand ourselves as one thing or another, I’ve been trying to understand myself a bit more.  This is a work in progress but one thing I know for sure is that as outgoing as I may appear to be, I love my solitude. I very much enjoy my own company and crave time to myself and it’s nothing against all the lovely people in my life. It’s just where I get my energy.  Through quiet reflection, spirituality and thinking to the end of my thoughts.  Since June of last year I’ve been working full time in a job I absolutely love.  However, I’ve discovered that one of the downsides is I no longer get time alone at home.  I’m not sure how I solve this ‘problem’ but it’s been interesting to see how it’s been making me feel.

I realise of course that many people have an enforced solitude and would perhaps like nothing more than the company of others.  I’m very lucky to have so many good friends and needing solitude is a choice.

Whatever the final outcome, I know that I am what I am.  I’m really good at being me.  Nobody does me better than me, and the same goes for you.  So allow yourself to be who you are. Let’s face it, you’re going to be with yourself for the rest of your life.

P.S Orkney Beef asked ‘is an extrovert quite bossy?’ he skates on thin ice!



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