Naked Sheep, Wooly Pigs

Did you know wooly pigs were a thing?  No I didn’t either, until I was driving past a field of really strange looking sheep recently only to double take and discover they were actually wooly pigs! I wasn’t able to pull over and take a picture at the time but when I was looking for blog ideas, someone suggested the wooly pigs and even kindly produced a photo for me to use.


Wooly Pigs photo credit Julie Cassidy

It’s allegedly summer in Orkney so we drive past lots of naked sheep – (and rams before the keyboard warriors all swoop).  I won’t lie, a naked sheep is not my favourite look, and I can’t help but feel sorry for them as it’s really not that warm at the moment.  (Orkney Beef lit the fire last night and tonight we’ve just flicked on the heating) In the winter I often see the not so naked sheep huddled together in the corner of a field up against a stone building and feel sorry for them again.


some naked some clothed




Conversely, there are not a lot of pig farms in Orkney.  Pigs are really not a common site, so to see them, even wooly ones are a real find.  These two are apparently named Peter and Brian.  Did you know naming your wooly pigs was a thing? Nope, me either.




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