My Week in Pictures

Beating the Monday Morning Blues

At risk of sounding like a broken record, the weather was horrendous last weekend and once again no gardening could be done.  However, typically with the weather conspiracy, that I’m beginning to wonder about, I woke up to a beautifully sunny morning on Monday when I’m due to go back to work. I was starting a new job and needed to calm my nerves a little.  So I ended up donning my wellies and doing the gardening at 7am!  It did the job though as I felt suitably ready to start and pleased I’d done some weeding. I highly recommend early morning gardening – weather permitting. It’s good for the soul.(Incidentally, it now looks destroyed by more winds but I tried…..)


No Monday morning blues this week.
A beautiful 7am view

Just Another Orkney Sunset

Driving home late one evening, the sunset was breathtaking.  Once again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I never tire of the awesome light and tranquility of Orkney skies and surroundings. I took a slightly different route home to stop and take photos and when I arrived at my chosen spot it appeared everybody else had the same idea. ‘You’re too late’ said one photographer, suggesting I’d missed the best of the light.  But I took some pictures anyway and was happy with it.  This is a standing stone at Stenness Loch.  One of many ancient stones which date back thousands of years. Behind the house on the left is the famous Ness of Brodgar, a Neolithic excavation site featured on Britain’s Ancient Capital.  This is my daily drive to work, and a sight I don’t take for granted.

FullSizeRender 57


Swans on the Loch
If only we could bottle and sell it

A Summer Shed Party

Every year a couple in my village have a summer shed party.  Mr H has a large stone shed which is the envy of many a man I’m sure, and with lights and entertainment it ends up being the party of the year every summer.  I’ve never been able to make it there for various reasons so this year I was excited to go. At risk of sound like a broken record blah blah, the weather was horrendous at the weekend – AGAIN.  Undeterred the party went ahead and living near enough to walk I was determined I wouldn’t need the car.  So, on 1st July, I headed out to a summer shed party in my winter coat and hat with the wind blowing me down the road. In fact no one’s coat came off all evening and I was even told ‘George has got his vest one’ We all looked enviously at George…..


Shed entertainment at its finest

A great party was had by all.  Good times, good company and good music.


Sad News

Orkney has seen some terrible tragedies this week.  The body of a man was found in the harbour at Kirkwall.  Then on Monday a young tour guide was taking a group to Yesnaby, a local beauty spot near to where I live and a place I referenced in my week in pictures a fortnight ago.  Tragically this man accidentally fell off the cliff and died, and the emergency services, lifeboat, and coastguards were called to attend to the traumatic scene.  In the same week a man was killed while working on the roads in a devastating accident.  All these people have been close to my heart this week. The families who have lost loved ones, the people who were there and saw it happen, and the brave emergency services who once again have to attend and deal with awful and traumatic scenes. I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite childhood books.  Three words, so beautifully put. My thoughts continue to be with everyone affected.

IMG_6578 2


On a Happier Note….

Our little dog Hope never ceases to bring us joy.  If ever you need cheering up she’s the one to do it.  She’s always good company and her antics and funny ways have us all laughing every day. In the week I was enjoying some quiet time in the evening and she started growling.  It’s very unlike her.  It was 11.30pm and as you can see still light so the curtains weren’t drawn.  It turned out she’d spent twenty minutes growling at her own reflection.  Eventually, she gave up, the reflection won the stand off, but not without her showing her reflection who’s boss around here.


IMG_6570 2
Showing her reflection who’s boss



FullSizeRender 58
Photo credit to Miss Lashes



Have a good week all. x



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