My Week in Pictures

As one door closes….

It was an unusual working week for me as I only worked Monday and had the rest of the week off. Not bad! I also said a sad goodbye to my work mates as I am leaving one job and starting another.  They are a great crew to work with and not just because they bought me a bottle of gin amongst other things.  Orkney Rhubarb gin Gto be exact, which for the record is absolutely delicious, but a limited edition so if you want it, you’ll need to get your skates on.  Anyway, many thanks to a lovely team of people and cheers for the banter and gin.

IMG_6394 2
A cheeky glass of rhubarb gin

All In The Name Of Research

The closest I’ll ever get to a masters is being part of someone else’s research.  And recently I’ve been involved in just that.  Anna is doing masters on anthropology and in particular Instagram and social media. I post a lot of Instagram photos and give them the Orkney hashtag, so Anna asked me among others to be involved. Anyway, Anna does all the clever stuff.  I just ate chocolate and talked about myself, both of which I am extremely talented.

We caught up a second time and this time we went to Birsay.  A beautiful part of Orkney at the north of the mainland of Orkney.  We had a couple of false starts as the intended walk across the broch and up to the lighthouse was marred by a no dogs and I had one.  We rerouted and walked round to the whale bone which stands at a beautiful part of Birsay. Along the way we saw some of the many stone cairns which appear at this time of the year before the winter seas wash them all away for another year.


Birsay stone stacks, some natural, some man-made. 


IMG_6417 2
The lighthouse can be seen in the distance



Anna at the whalebone

A Colorado Visit

My sister and her husband are over for a week visiting and came over for dinner with a chance to try some of the local produce of Orkney. It all went down very nicely, especially the rhubarb gin, but this has nothing to do with the wonky photo, nope, not at all, it was just trying to get us all in.


This Week’s Weather Report

As the rest of the UK has been reportedly melting in the summer heat, in Orkney I put the heating back on as I was so cold.  There was a warning that the weekend weather was going to be ‘unseasonably windy’ and was summed up perfectly in this following Facebook status which made me laugh out loud.

FullSizeRender 56

I don’t know Graeme that well (yet) but we first met when he introduced himself as a blog reader. See My 15 minutes of fame.  He also writes an Orkney blog which can be found here we’ll be attending the same party next week though so look out for a few bloggers meeting up, it could either way!


Monday morning I start my new job.  It feels a bit like the beginning of term, but I’m sure it will go fine.  Until the next time, have a great week.





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