My 15 Minutes of Fame

It happened. Today I received my 15 minutes of fame.  In reality, it lasted about 15 seconds but never mind, that’s about all I’m ready for. I’d been talking to a couple of women and as I made to leave a man arrived. He looked at me and said ‘are you Sarah? Are you Norq from Ork?’  His facial expression showed that being Norq from Ork was an ok thing to be and he wasn’t about to say ‘well you suck’ – so I said I was. He shook my hand, introduced himself and said he read the blog and recognised me.

It was a nice exchange, and to be fair I’ve had other fifteen seconds of fame. For example, there was a helpful shop assistant who didn’t need to ask my name when looking for my card to put loyalty points on. ‘It’s ok. You’re Norq from Ork, I know you’ and another lady that walked up to me at work, leaned over the desk and said ‘love your blog’  

I don’t think I want to be famous unless it’s like J.K. Rowling and I get knocked off the billionaires list for my charitable giving. But if you clump all the lovely, stop me in the  street, ‘I love your blog, keep writing’ comments’ then it might just amount to about 15 minutes.  I very much appreciate your lovely comments and meeting each and every one of you.



7 thoughts on “My 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. … and I forgot to say “Thank you!” for the rhubarb cake recipe. Never mind 15 minutes of fame, that cake promotes you way beyond any temporal constraints. And ‘Norq from Ork’ has been added to the Orcadian blog list on Imperfect and Tense, so that others, who may not have the opportunity to meet you face to face, can enjoy your unique perspective and rhubarb cake.

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    1. Thanks so much for adding a link to your blog. I must get around to doing an Orkney blog page. The rhubarb cake was a real hit. It’s amazing how many people had a go. promoting world peace through cake is my new thing.


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