Five Go Mad on Graemsay Island (plus one and an absent friend)

It all started with a conversation on Facebook about Strictly Come Dancing last winter.  It ended up on the island of Graemsay on a summer’s Friday night. A group of us got to know each other by commenting on a weekly basis while Strictly was on and we had a great laugh. I’ve blogged before about my trip to the island of Graemsay here Notes From An Even Smaller Island   and Sian abandoned sanity and invited me back, but this time with a group of others. We were a mixed bunch and some more formidable, bossy, control freaky organised than others. So when Sian opened a message group and asked us over to Gramesay for an evening with nibbles and chat, it didn’t take long to become a full-scale mammoth eating and drinking session with most of the group staying over and me being the only one responsible enough to come home the same night. *polishes halo*

So we all (except for one who coulnd’t come) caught the Friday night boat out to Graemsay.  The rain had come down in torrents only minutes before, but just in time for us to step on the boat the sun came out. I was even saluted as we traveled, not bad.


At ease ladies


Leaving Stromness

It’s a brief crossing of 15 minutes and when we arrived I saw the extent of the formidable bossy control freaks  organised women skills when I saw the amount of cargo that had been packed for one evening meal.


and within seconds of arriving there was food being unpacked from about 150 plastic containers and vintage port being poured into a decanter through muslin also brought by one of the formidable bossy control freaks   organised women. Honestly, I kid you not.  SHE BROUGHT HER OWN MUSLIN! All worth it for the sound of the first pour, press play and listen for the glug (and yes, someone really did say ‘we’re classy birds aren’t we’ at the start) 


So while theformidable bossy control freaks    organisers  got every thing ready, the ones who are happy to be told what to do, chatted in the conservatory and waited until everything was ready.  The evening passed so quickly with lots of conversation and getting to know one another, hearing each other’s stories and sharing tears and laughter.  I was presented wiRussian russian dolls, an extra special gift because I have alwasy wanted some and now I have my very own vintage set. (Thank you Miss Alpha Organiser) The sun began to set and the light was, as always, stunning.


Evening light in Graemsay


and before I had to leave for the boat we showed our competitive side whilst searching the beach for groatie buckies. These are little shells well known in Orkney and thought to being good luck to the finder.  Sometimes it’s easier than others but a great Orkney pass time and can show the strong competitors as we race to find the first or the biggest or the most.


My lucky find


don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it

For me it was over too soon, as I had to catch the last boat home.  For two pins I could’ve stayed but I had commitments on Saturday morning to keep to.  So I left them watching the sun go down on the beach and waited for the boat to come in.



I made my way home just in time for the rain, but before long the lights of Stromness were welcoming me home.

in the rain on the boat home


Lights of Stromness

It was the loveliest of evenings where we spoke about kindness, heartache, life stories and love.  Friendship is a precious thing.  Treasure it.








7 thoughts on “Five Go Mad on Graemsay Island (plus one and an absent friend)

    1. Haha yes I saw afterwards that it could’ve done with a little tweak. Thank so
      Much though Graeme. I’m sure you’ve been given the low down on the ‘truth’ of what really happened. Probably most of it when I left. 😇 did someone mention toast? Mmmm breakfast…..


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