My Week In Pictures

Shopping Week

For almost 70 years now, the people of Stromness have been celebrating in style and encouraging people into Stromness to spend their money by hosting Shopping Week.  It’s a huge event with all manner of activities for people old and young through the week.

FullSizeRender 63

 One of my favourite events is the daft raft race.  Groups make their way from the Point of Ness across to the Harbour in makeshift rafts.  A couple of years ago my son and friends did the journey in two bath tubs!  They were slowest by far but refused to give up and get into the rescue boat. They got the biggest cheer when they finally came in last, but proud of their efforts. Take a look at their raft.

IMG_7169 2
setting off on their journey

Here they are about to overtake the Hamnavoe

Picking up speed to over take Hamnavoe

Sometimes a raft will sink and the competitors need to be rescued, but often  celebrations lead to people being in the water anyway and this year was no different.


Diving in

Another addition to shopping week is the flower display from the flower club ladies of Stromness.  Another fantastic effort by all involved and this year the theme was ‘all our yesterdays’ A great chance for people to take a trip down memory lane and see many things of Stromness yester year.  Like for example the Lemonade Factory.


Lemonade, Orange and Vimto

The herring fishing and fish wives who spent their life gutting them


A fishwife working at the herring

also the  boat makers


Fantastic boats made of flowers



and much, much more.  Well done everyone on a super flower display.


The creativity of everyone was incredible

At the end of shopping week, the streets are lined with people waiting to see the floats.  Once again locals go to a massive effort to entertain the masses with highly creative floats often covering local events, like the Oystercatcher who recently decided to make her nest in the middle of a traffic round about and there she stayed completely unfazed by the cars driving round her day and night. Here she is.



and here is Whisky Galore, or at least half of it





And of course Trolls was a firm favourite.  I know the granny of this cheeky troll.  She looks exactly like her. 😉




It’s 200 years since Stromness became a Burgh and coming week will be a continuation of the Stromness Per Mare celebrations.

FullSizeRender 64
Stromness Per Mare meaning ‘of the sea or by the sea’

Seasons Rolling On

The summer tends to be so busy that I almost begin to yearn the autumn when things slow down and I have a more reasonable excuse to stay home in the evenings and weekends.  I love a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do except light the fire and read a book.  But without wanting to wish my life away, I did notice for the first time that the nights are getting a little darker.  In Orkney it doesn’t get dark at all in June but traditionally you can’t comment about the nights drawing in until the shows are over in August.  I am often reminded of the change of seasons by seeing what the farmers are up to on my drive home from work.


But despite it being a little darker at night (on the plus side, people are sleeping better) the sunsets still never fail.

FullSizeRender 65


FullSizeRender 66

and on that happy note I will wish you all a great week ahead.


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