MyWeek in Pictures

Last Sunday we had a fantastic display of the Northern Lights.  My son took this from outside our front door. What a privilege to live somewhere where we can see this.  I know a lot of people long to see them and it really can be spectacular. There are some great Facebook pages with some brilliant photos if you have a particular interest.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg
Northern Lights from our garden

We’ve been decorating the sitting room.  When I say ‘we’ I basically mean Orkney Beef does it all and I go and buy the paint, pick flooring, choosing curtains and lampshades.  We both know that the best way I can contribute to any decorating is to stay right out of the way and leave Orkney Beef to it. By using this method ‘we’ have managed to knock down a wall and make a kitchen diner, ‘we’ have also fitted a kitchen, and put a new roof on the summer house.  Anyway, I was allowed one job which was to help put the masking tape on the door.  With six million pains of glass, it was a great test of our marriage and my patience.

Maybe not six million but near enough.

Earlier in the week the island was visited by Autumn equinox winds.  Unbelievable gales that at times it was difficult to stand up in.  The hen house blew over (but all hens intact thankfully) and once again the long suffering Orkney Beef was denied his lie in on a day off to come and sort it out while I hopped in the car and drove to work.  Thankfully the storm blew by as it always does and the last few days have been incredible for September/October.

Harvest bales in the sun

Sunday morning was stunning and I was treated to this incredible sunrise from my bedroom window. I promise I don’t take it for granted.

IMG_9447 2.JPG
View from my window

My friend had a book launch at Highland Park.  The setting was perfect and atmospheric.  I told the manager I wasn’t a whiskey drinker and she told me it was because I was drinking the wrong whiskey.  I was given a master class on how and what to drink and ended up having my first taste that didn’t make me feel like I was drinking cough mixture!  A lovely evening and congratulations to Sara on the launch of her novel Dark Water.


A perfect fireside setting

This week I became the owner of this little beauty – an Alison Moore ring.  I’ve known Ally a few years and she makes beautiful jewellery. Not only is it lovely to own this stunning ring, but even unwrapping it was a joyful experince.  Just look at the attention to detail. I’ll pop a link to her page at the bottom.

Today we said a fond fairwell to our lovely friends Tony and Penny.  It’s time for them to move on to new things and we will miss them dearly.  Penny and I had a special connection through shared experiences and Tony never failed to make me laugh. I wish them all the very best on the next leg of their journey and look forward to hearing their news.

Penny is simply beautiful in every way. Tony is alright too 😉

Have a great week everyone.






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