How We Got our Blog Names

If there’s a repeated message that comes from this blog since I started it in January, it’s how you all love the blog names which started off with just family but has extended to friends.People often ask me what their name would be if they got a mention and even came up with their own suggestions.

The blog names, ie Orkney Beef (husband) Miss Lashes (daughter) and Tech Support (son) started by accident and have evolved, but here is the story behind them.

Orkney Beef:

Several years ago I had set my sights on Orkney Beef and secretly (or not so secretly) admired him but he had less romantic notions about me.  So if ever I spoke about him on social media, I always referred to him as Orkney Beef. That way if he ever strayed onto my account, or if any of his spies did, I could deny all knowledge. I chose Orkney Beef  because he’s a big build with huge hands and Shrek was already taken….Anyway it just sort of stuck.


FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Orkney Beef with a prize Babe he won moments before

Miss Lashes: 


The list of possible nick names for my daughter were endless. In fact in the early days of the blog I wrote this. ”I’ve considered drama queen (but there will be a drama about it), brains (she’s a high achiever), lashes (she’s beautiful and rather fond of falsies) English Rose (Orkney Beef’s suggestion) Hypochondriac (thanks to far too many late night phone calls and texts about another imaginary illness)  Survivor (true but way too cheesy) Tears (she cries quite a bit) Talent (she’s extremely talented in many areas) Voice (her singing voice is incredible) Like (most used word in her vocabulary) Wardrobe (she changes outfits several times a day) Little Mermaid (She wanted to BE her when she was young) or maybe just DWILD (Daughter who I love dearly)” I decided on Miss Lashes and it continues to suit her. Incidentaly, she cries a LOT less now she’s all loved up.

Miss Lashes with her lashes

Tech Support:

My son is unflappable.  When the printer won’t print, I want to go crazy and take a hammer to the whole thing. I whinge and whine and ask him to fix things at all hours of the day and night which he just calmly sorts out. Same goes for laptops, ipads, computers etc.  He’s a bit of a techy geek especially with music technology and sound.  If you have the pleasure of being in the car with him and listening to music you get the low down on every detail of the track. So Tech Support became his blog name.

FullSizeRender 3
The lovely Tech Support

Norq from Ork:

I can’t take the credit for this, it was a suggestion from a friend Enid. Months and months ago there was a Facebook discussion about what I should call my blog as lots of people were encouraging me to have a go.  There were several suggestions banded around but Norq from Ork was the most popular. (My surname is Norquoy and I live in Orkney in case you missed that bit) It took me about another 18 months to get the blog going but I’m glad I finally got around to it, and a huge thank you to Enid for coming up with such a catchy name.



Me, Norq from Ork

There have been several others feature on here and their name choice is always something folk enjoy choosing or being given.  We’ve had Dixie Chuck, Mama Mia, NotPhil, Sportycus, Guru Galley and The Mothership to name but a few.  I’m always happy to hear your suggestions so keep them coming if you’re wanting a shout out.



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