My Week in Pictures

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of the change of seasons.  I can often find it a struggle as summer begins to draw to an end, but there’s a small compensation in that I love the misty mornings we get at this time of year.  Friday morning I stepped outside to a this gorgeous scene.  It’s now nine years this week since I moved to Orkney and while there are aspects of my city life I miss, it’s always worth it for me, to live in the wide open spaces, endless skies and sound of the sea from my garden.


However, by the time I finished work on Friday, things had taken a dramatic turn for the worse when I drove home in an absolute deluge.  The rain was bouncing off the roads, the wipers going as fast as possible and having little effect, and flash flooding causing the car to feel more like it was a life boat as water sprayed either side of the vehicle like the parting of waves.  The police ended up closing the roads and fire crew worked feverishly to try and deal with flooding in parts of Orkney. These photos were taken by a friend living a few miles away.  We were lucky, as the only thing affected at our home was the washing.  I still moaned.  Getting your washing dry is a classic adult goal.




Stromness was a busy place today as the town celebrated 150 years since the town had their first lifeboat.  There was plenty going on and a chance to go on the lifeboats and take a look.  During the week there was a tv show about the RNLI and I could only watch about ten minutes, I just found it too upsetting.  Orkney Beef used to be a lifeboat man and there is nothing more chilling than the sound of the pager going off and him just dropping everything and running out the house, with no knowledge of when (or if!) he would return.  He eventually gave up volunteering as we moved to a place where he was too far away from the 7 minute arrival time for a shout.  This was hard for Orkney Beef as he loved his time on the life boats and has great memories from there.  I also know that these brave men and women have to deal with some pretty grim things at times.  Living on an island you become very aware of the dangers of the sea and the lengths volunteers will go to, to bring home those who have got into trouble.  Here’s hoping the RNLI managed some excellent and well-deserved fundraising figures after a brilliant effort and a lovely afternoon for visitors young and old.


Three lifeboats in a row and a chance to go on them



Even the John Rae statue took part in festivities.  As an avid explorer and sea farer, I’m sure he would approve.

John Rae watches over proceedings

My garden has been suffering serious neglect as I’ve been off holidaying and working a lot of hours, but I was super pleased to discover this new kid on the block.  I’m not sure who gave me this cutting as I’ve never seen it before, so if it was you, then thank you.

Sometimes I find it difficult to fit blogging in with working full-time and juggling all of life’s expectations.  I can be hard on myself and without a doubt my harshest critic.  However, it’s good to know I’m still making a difference when I receive such lovely encouragement. I appreciate each and every person who takes the time to comment on my blog, facebook page or email me.  Thank you to Karen who gave me a real boost on my Facebook Page by posting this. ”I’m glad you made the move Sarah. The world is definitely a lot brighter reading your perspective and catching up with you even from the background. Xx”

I also had a HUGE surprise when I received a parcel in the post from a blog reader who originally got in touch with me from South Africa.  She emailed me months ago and we keep in touch.  She wanted to send me something and told me to expect something small in the post.  Her version of small and mine are completely different!  Thank you SO much to Sascott and her family for the lovely ‘fan gift’  The hand made teddy is gorgeous and chocolate is always a win with me.


So do keep in touch folks as I love to read your comments and thoughts.  Let me know what you’d like to see more of or anything you’d like to hear about and I’ll endeavour to keep it covered.

Until the next time, and have a great week.


8 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. Ah no! Wet washing is the worst!!! I have such awe and respect for the brave souls who are in the RNLI. Glad you like your wee parcel! Keep writing talented lady.

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  2. Thanks for you blog Sarah was a grand day in Stromness great to get aboard the lifeboats and I ‘ve just caught up on the programme on RNLI very informative

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