Getting off the rock

I’m going away to visit my daughter Miss Lashes following last weeks nut allergy drama. She ended up staying in hospital two nights following a few rebound anaphylaxis episodes and the ‘I’ll be fine don’t worry about coming down’ high has worn off along with the adrenalin and steroids so I’m using my annual leave to go and give her some tlc and connect with city life again for a few days. This means Orkney Beef and Teenage Son are being left to fend for themselves for a few nights. Teenage son reassured me that he knows how to cook his favourite meal, chicken korma. ‘you just pour the jar of sauce onto the chicken and put it in the oven right?’ ah, my secret is out. When I thought he wasn’t paying attention and I made out like I was slaving over dinner, it turns at he really was watching as I opened the lid, poured in the casserole dish with the chicken and banged it in the oven. I’m going to leave my pretty little polka dot dish in their care too. A little something I picked up recently off a local buy it/sell it site and I think its adorable. They get to have first use and they won’t even appreciate its loveliness I just know it.  I have made and frozen a cottage pie for another night and Orkney Beef will be in charge for dinner number three which will be buy it or fry it. In fact I’ve thought ahead on this one and already bought the pizzas to save time. Teenage Son also knows how to make eggy bread. ‘you just need eggs and bread right?’ I’m feeling a surge of pride right now. They won’t starve.polka dot dish

Other duties for them will be looking after the non laying chickens. This will involve making sure they have food and water and opening the door to let them out in the morning. There’s probably no point writing ‘check for eggs’ on the instructions as I’m pretty certain they can most likely skip that procedure safe in the knowledge that there will be no eggs.  The eggy bread may well be just bread. You just need bread, right?



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