O wad some power the giftie gie us


Happy Burns Night!  For those of you reading from around the globe, January 25th is a celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Traditionally a meal of haggis (a spicy meat, oatmeal, and suet mix)and clapshot (potato and neep/swede mash)  is eaten and there is a celebration of his life and work by reading some of his famous poems. The quote pictured is my favourite of many.  It was actually inspired when the poet saw a lady sitting in church with a new hat on, there was a louse on the plume. Unbeknown to her she was being ridiculed and this led to Burns writing the now famous quote.

I prefer to see it in reverse.  I can often view myself through unkind eyes and it takes others to see the best in me.

Either way it continues to be a favourite Burns quote of mine, but it’s well worth checking out some of his other poetry.

Haggis Burns night!


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