It was Miss Scarlet, in the kitchen, with the spiralizer.

‘what in the heck is THAT!’ said hubby (Orkney Beef) as he walked in from work.  This response was at the sight of me busy with yet another kitchen gadget bought to make my cooking life easier and my backside smaller. ”I know someone who lost 4 stone using one of these” said one review.  Boom! I’m sold.

Once I got my new life saving, time saving toy home I had to work out how to piece it  all together and watch the safety demo for fear of severing a finger or two. Then finally I could get spiralling.   A quick Google search showed me how to cook the fruits (or rather veg)  of my labours and as we sat down to tea I presented my family with a pile of now unrecognisable curly veg.  My son quickly negotiated ‘I’ll eat that and that but not that’ while Orkney Beef struggled to keep a straight face. It wasn’t terrible but a little more practise is needed. Whether I wake up 4 stone lighter remains to be seen but I have a sneaky feeling I’m going to have to tag team it with the now redundant juicer which was last January’s must have. I’ll keep you posted.


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