Digging up the past

Orkney hosts many ancient sites that show us how our ancestors lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  There’s Skara Brae, the ancient stone houses believed to be around 5000 years old, Maeshowe complete with its Viking graffiti, Ring O’ Brodgar the ancient standing stones and many more sites. Archaeology is a big deal up here and Orkney has hosted many digs. It made me wonder what archaeologists will make of our households in a few hundred years when they dig up our Norq from Ork HQ. I’ve listed a few likely discoveries for the archaeology enthusiast.

  • Sheds/garages/outhouses.  Closer inspection of them will show an assortment of disused bikes, washing machines, plastic tubs full of nails, screws, bits of cable, more plastic tubs, and boxes full of odds and ends that ‘may come in useful one day’ but in actual fact will never see daylight again.Why?  Because when we come to need the useful thing is he’s a)forgotten he had it in the first place or b) won’t be able to remember which box, plastic tub or shed/garage or outhouse it had been lovingly stored in.
  • Some sort of scissors graveyard where all the scissors purchased will have migrated. Along with the missing scissors the archaeology enthusiast will also unearth all the missing torches and hairbrushes.
  • Ikea tea lights bought in bulk assuming the apocalypse was going to plunge us into darkness, revealing we would rather survive with no electricity and only  Ikea tea lights for heat and light than die.
  • They will not discover  matches for the tea lights, as we never seemed to have any.  (Unless they went the same way as the scissors and torches)
  • Cupboards full of empty ice cream tubs. They will be washed and stacked neatly in size order with an assortment of lids never to be reunited or used again.
  •  A box full of chargers and cables which will have no relevance to anything else in the house.
  • An abundance of half finished crochet, sewing and knitting projects.
  • a discarded spiralizer
  • Jeans in 4 different sizes just in case I get back into them.
  • Odd socks, hundreds and hundreds of them.  Saved just in case its partner turns up, which incidentally  won’t happen.
  • A tin of pilchards that was won at a retro evening, never  eaten, and never thrown away.

This is by no means exhaustive but what would they dig up at yours?

They will find sheds, full to the gunnels with ‘bits and bobs’

Photo credit Alexander Shustov @ unsplash.com



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