My week in pictures

Never knowing what lies ahead

The first picture was taken last Sunday on my way home from church.  So many birds nesting and dark brooding skies. I was about to head into a really busy week and wondering how I was going to fit it all in and longed for some space and time to myself.  We should be careful what we wish for because shortly after the second photo was taken on Tuesday evening I had a phone call from the hospital to say my daughter was in resus following anaphylaxis again. I was going to have time to myself but not in the way I anticipated.

Planes, Trains and ballet shoes

This week I have used Planes, trams, buses, cars and trains. I flew down to see Miss Lashes in hospital, spent a few days with her in Edinburgh before heading across to Aberdeen by train to see Swan Lake ballet.   It was a modern adaptation, not a tutu in sight but even so beautifully done and the colours, staging and dance exquisite. I first remember being taken to the ballet when I was about 4 or 5 as a little girl for a birthday treat.  Friday brought back a lot of memories including the sound of the ballerinas padding across the stage.  A very distinctive and comforting sound which I’d forgotten about but as soon as I heard it again I was transported back over 40 years to that first magical time. I’ve been to a few ballets since but I’ll never forget the  first one. I wonder if mum remembers taking me?

Choices Choices

Miss lashes

We decided it was time to get Miss Lashes a medic alert bracelet considering the current frequency of her anaphylaxis. Once we had decided on the all important design (she settled on one with interchangeable bands so she has one for every out fit) we than had to choose the engraving.

If found unconscious please………….

Apply mascara

Check eye brows are in good shape

Use the correct shade of lipstick on her

Use Epipen

We couldn’t fit it all on, we’re going to need a bigger bracelet..

For the love of friends


At the end of a stressful few days it was lovely to spend an evening with good friends. We laughed and talked and laughed some more and it was over too soon. I am so grateful to have friends that I can turn to in good times and bad and know they will always be there for me. As we head into another week with no knowledge of what lies ahead I pray that all of you has someone to turn to in times of happiness and trouble. Stay thankful, it’s good for the soul.



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