It’s never too late to start

Moments like the one I had today don’t happen very often. It was a dream come true moment, a long waited for moment, a never say never moment, a never give up moment, a never too late to start moment, and an I hope I get a lot more moments like this moment moment. It was the moment I picked up a magazine, opened it and found my first ever piece there in print.  I was quite choked as this really is a dream come true for me.  I’ve been saying for many years that I would love to write a book but never actually doing any writing. But late last year something in me just clicked, all on the back of a comment someone made when I was chatting to them about wanting to write.  I was speaking to her about the local creative writing group and how I’d love to go but my efforts wouldn’t be very good. Her reply was very simple. everyone says that about themselves, just go’ So I went along,sat down and wrote. I can’t get there very often but the main thing is it gave me the confidence to get off my proverbial backside and start doing what I’ve always wanted to do. The small piece was published in Living Orkney magazine and was from one of the creative writing tasks and submitted for selection.  I saw the layout of it online but nothing can beat opening up a magazine and seeing it there in hard copy. It was my moment.

Since plucking up courage to go to the group  last summer things are taking shape and my life long dream now seems more of a possibility.  Tiny little seeds of change and opportunity are pushing through the ground and it’s my job to nurture and water them. The main thing is I enjoy doing it and I’m finding my voice.  Orkney Beef would probably tell you I found my voice a long time ago and I use it far too much. But this is a different kind of voice, and I know you’re all clever enough to know the difference.

Living Orkney
Me enjoying the moment

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