Never a dull moment

The other night I had a phone call that every parent dreads, a  call from the hospital regarding one of my children.  I had only moments before posted my blog about how I loved living by the sea and it was my dream happy ending blah blah when the phone rings and it’s a nurse from A&E saying my daughter was once again in resus following another anaphylaxis,  making a total of  four in two months and two in the space of four days.  It’s very serious but very treatable, even so, most unpleasant. Right now if you cut her she will bleed neat adrenalin.

Suddenly my beloved sea became the enemy as it has to be crossed in order see her and arrangements have to be hastily made in order to get away.  Thankfully there is a compassionate discount for flights if you can produce the right paperwork and this took I think 8 phone calls to organise, but never mind, we got there in the end. I threw some things together in a case and headed for the airport. Those of you who have been paying attention before will know that flying is not my favourite thing but I’ve been getting better.  After reading a website about fear of flying I was feeling more calm and made my way onto the plane.  I strode out confidently onto the tarmac with my sunglasses on and the wind in my hair.

‘wrong plane!’  shouted someone in charge while laughing as I made my way to the steps.  I’ve heard of people getting on the wrong train and heading in the opposite direction but wrong plane?! Sheesh, thank God he intercepted me I would never live that one down.

I made my way up the steps of the correct plane and felt my confidence begin to drain away a little. History repeated itself as the air hostess came and told me I was sitting at an emergency  exit and was I willing to assist people in an emergency.  I nodded meekly whilst simultaneously offering a silent prayer that God would not smite me for lying so easily.  Assist people?  Listen if this doorway needs to be opened to exit the plane in an emergency I will be first out even if I have to step on your head to do so.

During the flight the air hostess cheerily announced that we were going through some ‘unsettled weather’ and could we all keep our seatbelts on.  I interpreted that as we’re all going to die and the seat belt thing is just a token gesture to keep the crazy lady over the emergency exit quiet.  By the second unsettled weather announcement I was gripping onto my seat and contemplating turning to the man in the opposite seat and asking him to hold my hand so I didn’t die alone.  Thankfully I was more afraid of being locked up and the key thrown away than of the plane crashing so stopped myself.

Apparently it was all nothing and I’m just a drama queen so we landed and I made my way straight to the hospital to see Miss Lashes. We are all a bit puzzled by her sudden bouts of anaphylaxis having never had it before, but tests are taking us closer to a more accurate picture of what’s going on.  I want to wrap her up and make her eat only crumpets for the rest of her life as I know they don’t hurt her.  But soon I will have to head back and leave her, hoping that she doesn’t have another trip in an ambulance the minute my back is turned.

I’ve ordered her a medi alert bracelet so that’s her and Orkney Beef both wearing them for various medical emergencies. You can stop now family, that’s plenty!

Miss Lashes
Miss Lashes after several rounds of adrenaline. Still managing to look good. 




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