Green fingers….Or perhaps not.

It’s been a great morning of micro achievements today such as

Go and vote √ (or maybe that should be X)

Take Tech Support Son for his first ever vote √

Finish much procrastinated business plan due to life getting in the way and having to visit Miss Lashes last week. √

Think up excuse as to why business plan wasn’t finished sooner.   Decide on blaming Miss Lashes even though she tried her hardest to force me to finish it when I was with her last week. √

Clean out chickens √

Threaten chickens if they eat my hosta plants again with ‘I can cook you any time I like you know!’ √

Be ignored by chickens √

Plant up cuttings and plants from gardening club in the vain hope that they might actually live. √

Life is so incredibly busy that I have to now congratulate myself if I can manage to consistently do something for longer than 10 minutes.  I’m off to work soon safe in the knowledge that the plants I bought the other night at gardening club are now finally in the soil.  Now will be the testing time of course.  Will they live or die?  That is the question.

Before the plant sail we went to view somebodies garden that has been tended and nurtured for 25 years.  It was amazing and beautiful and his rewards were in direct proportion to the effort put in I’m sure.  I came home with renewed enthusiasm for my garden and surveyed what looks like a nuclear waste ground by comparison. Someone once told me it takes 7 years to make a garden and I am only really in my second year.  Also last year doesn’t really count as a) the summer was so awful nothing grew anyway and b) thanks to Orkney Beef’s critical illness my time was a little more taken up with other things. I don’t have excuse ‘b’ this year but excuse ‘a’ remains to be seen.  At the very least  I am seeing the fruits of my humble efforts from last year.  Hyacinths are finally in flower and tulips almost out.  Aliums planted last Autumn  are coming to life  and as for other gardening efforts I will just keep trying. A comment from someone at gardening club when I mentioned this was ‘well at least you’re young enough to be able to say that’ Not often I’m called young at 46.   Every cloud and all that…..

Hens on the windowsill
Chickens try their luck by jumping onto the kitchen windowsill. Quite frankly they are lucky the oven door wasn’t open.



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