My Week In Pictures – Sunrise, Sunset And Almost Sunshine

It’s all becoming a bit more bearable. I promised you last week that I would stop whinging and finally I found reason to. I can now officially say that I leave the house in daylight and return home in daylight.  This hasn’t happened in months and I am safe in the knowledge that it will continue right the way through to October and that’s blinkin’ ages away.  Honestly, if we lived in warmer climates we’d have nothing to say to each other.

I caught the sunset on through the trees on Monday with St. Magnus Cathedral standing proud in the skyline.

IMG_0358 2
The sun sets over Kirkwall

Following a fill of pancakes on Tuesday I went along to flower club and learned how to make even a bottle of wine look classy. It was a really simple concept but looked great.  I absolutely love flowers and find working with them so relaxing.  Even if I don’t know what I’m doing and need constant supervision from kind helpers!

In August I will have been in Orkney ten years and I’m still not tired of the skies.  Neither am I tired of waffling on about them to you guys.  Sorry, not sorry.  Here’s another one.


IMG_0371 2
Sunrise on a cold morning, see the snow on the hills.

I’ve mentioned my dog Hope before.  We have a daily ritual of asking each other ‘has the dog been fed?’ in front of her knowing full well she understands this completely and just about does summersaults to tell us no she hasn’t been fed.  We then do the same thing when it’s time to go to the beach. ‘Do you think the dog would like to go to the beach?’ ‘I think the dog would love the beach’ shall we take the dog to the beach then?’ By the time we’ve finished shes’ shaking with anticipation and makes absolutely certain we don’t leave her behind.  She thinks nothing of going in the sea even when it’s freezing.  Good times.


Waiting for Orkney Beef to throw the ball


Fearlessly running in and out of the sea

Orkney has many sights and places of interest to visit.  A little off the beaten track and a somewhat ‘secret’ location (not signposted) is a beautiful little place called Happy Valley.  Two brother’s lived there in a humble home and made the most incredible landscape for man to enjoy.  They planted many, many trees, made a burn (stream) little waterfalls and all kinds of stone walls and benches.  This is where Orkney Beef proposed to me 7 years ago in May.  In a few weeks time it will be a mass of bluebells but today we went in search of my beloved snowdrops.  Happy Valley lived up to it’s picturesque name and we saw many snowdrops in situ as well as revisiting the place where Orkney Beef made the best decision of his life 😉


Trees and snowdrops at Happy Valley


The burn next to the stone bench


Orkney Beef contemplates the bench where he proposed.  Did he do the right thing?


Happy Valley snowdrops makes for a happy Sarah

For a little more information on Happy Valley see here

I have some time off work this week.  My uninspirational calendar gave me strong advice which I must obey. Well if you insist….






Have a great week everyone.





4 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Sunrise, Sunset And Almost Sunshine

  1. I loved this! Hoping Thurso shares some of the skies. I will literally be able to see you or Orkney as it were from my lounge in a week. I absolutely love your doggie, she is gorgeous! Oh and FYI I think OB made a CRACKER of a decision!

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  2. I love all your pictures, but especially today’s one of the small dog amid the tiny pebbles. 🙂 It takes a minute to realise that the dog and the “pebbles” are both quite big. Summer’s coming soon. xx


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