My Week In Pictures – The Best February Ever

At the end of another week and the end of another February I looked back over ‘my second a day’ where I capture a moment of each day.  This is my 50th February on the planet and can honestly say it’s been my happiest February in my recollection, possibly ever.  It’s no secret I normally loathe Winter and have been known to cry my way through January and February.  But this year I decided to embrace the elements, quite by accident and have found a love for being in the sea that I never knew I had.  Press play and watch my February captured in 28 seconds.

 The group I belong to is called the Orkney Polar Bears club and on International Polar Bears day I swam after work encountering my first episode of seaweed.  I’ve now stopped wearing a wet suit and only wear a swimsuit, so perhaps I’ve never noticed it before.  Anyway as I swam over the seaweed I thought something had grabbed me.  Not gonna lie, it nearly became international drama queen day. I now have a four times a week habit and each sea swim is different.  I journal each swim and would love to produce a book about it at some point. as I emerged yesterday from a wavy and wet swim (it was raining throughout the swim) I thought I looked like nothing on earth – probably more like something from the sea. But the afterglow is indescribable and obviously what gets me going back in.  Also the promise of a flask of hot chocolate waiting for me afterward.


This week was very special for me in another way.  For many years I have wanted to learn to play the piano.  I promised myself through all my difficult single parenting days that one day I would do it.  When the children had left home, and when I had more time (!) I don’t have time, I have less time than ever but I have to make time to do the things I want to do and not let life dictate to me what I can and can’t do within reason.  This week I had my first piano lesson.  I felt so emotional on the way home because I’d finally been able to keep a promise my younger self made to my older self over 20 years ago.  Available for wedding and bar mitzvah soon.  😉


I’m on target to achieve my goal of reading 49 books this year for one of my 49 for 49 challenges.  This year I finished ‘I Found My Tribe’ by Ruth Fitzmaurice.  Ruth’s husband was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and in the book she reflects on life with a husband needing 24-hour care, 5 children and how she finds sanity through sea swimming and friendship.  It’s so well written and I could identify with much of what she said.  A highly recommended read.


Spirits are starting to left as we have a few more sunny days.  Daffodils are beginning to pop up and we have hope that warmer weather is on the way. No drive is ever the same, the views are different from day to day.  I remain continually thankful for living in such a beautiful place, (but I still look forward to a wee holiday in the sun soon!)




Thank you so much to everyone who messages me and comments.  It really is lovely to know you appreciate reading my updates.  One lady even stopped my in the supermarket the other day.  My aim is to be positive and spread a little joy.  I hope I achieve that.  And if you keep reading it, I’ll keep doing it.

Seals in the sunshine

Have a great week everyone.


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