My Week In Pictures – Be Back Soon

I’ve been flat out with work this week and by Thursday I could’ve sworn I met myself coming back the other way.  I crawled home on Friday – well maybe I’m being a touch dramatic – but all in all, I’ve hardly had time to apply any thought to anything other than wake up, survive, go back to bed.  My usual morning exercise routine went out the window bar a couple of pool swims, but I managed to make time for my beloved sea swims a couple of times in my lunch break and after work.  If I’m feeling stressed or tired, swimming in the sea is an instant cure.  Yes getting splashy waves in your face giving you an ice cream headache is a great way to settle your emotions, calm you and replace all the negative with a buzz that lasts all day.  This is why I keep banging on about it.  I’m sorry.

Swimming in the sea after work puts a smile on my face

One lunchtime I swam at a local beach and managed to swim right around the shipwreck pictured.  It was high tide so further distance and a bit more of a challenge.  When I finished though I was super pleased with myself and on a high all day.

Swimming round the wreck at Inganess

There seems to be people swimming in the sea all over the place at the moment and little sub groups are popping up aside from the Polar Bear group that have been doing it from the get-go.  People are messaging me weekly wanting to give it a try and many have. One of the first people that introduced me to cold water swimming was Amy Liptrot through her book The Outrun.  Amy was kind enough to give me some books to read and wrote this message in the front of one of them.  The quote is fabulous and sums things up perfectly.


And today’s swim saw me back at a regular Sunday spot.  The boat isn’t small, it’s far away. 😉


Like I say, I’ve been super busy at work but after a few hours in the morning, I’m off for the next couple of weeks.  I’ll be taking a little holiday from the blog as well and am hoping to recharge and get some much-needed vitamin D.  I will probably continue to post updates on my Instagram Page and there are regular updates on my Facebook Page too so head over there if by some strange chance you’re getting withdrawal symptoms.  Meanwhile, I’ll be swimming in seas which should be much warmer.  I’ve even packed my snorkel.


As always thanks for all the chat.  Behave yourselves whilst I’m away and have a great two weeks.


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