My Week in Pictures

Orkney Beef sometimes ribs me for taking so many pictures of the sky.  He thinks they all look the same but that’s because he’s lived in Orkney all his life and takes it for granted I’m sure.  Well looking through my phone for this weeks my week in pictures I realised I didn’t have a single sunrise/sunset picture to share, but tons of time spent with the family which shows how my time has been taken up this week.  It’s not often that we get all of Orkney Beef’s sons in the same room at the same time but it was managed on Monday and we had the loveliest of evenings lots of laughter as we were entertained by the grandchildren and a great way to spend an evening together.  I managed to get some photos but never one with everyone looking at the camera at the same time.  And whilst we’re on the subject of everything looking the same…..


When I shared this in the week, someone asked if it was a  cloning party.  You can see why. Orkney Beef has several times been mistaken as another brother and not the dad.

Last week I told you about my swimming achievement in memory of my late cousin Steph who died earlier this year. See Saying Goodbye to Steph and I’ve Swum The English Channel!   I decided to raise money for a local Women’s Aid charity who support women and children who have survived domestic abuse both now and historically. They do some amazing work and I have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who kindly donated to my Just Giving page.



You can check out my just giving page here

On the subject of swimming, I’ve kept it up and finally found something I’m better than Orkney Beef at.  I persuaded him to come along to the pool with me today and it turns out I’m faster than him at swimming.  He did 16 lengths and got out while I went on to do 50 whilst he watched me from the balcony eating a bag of crisps. (eat my dust OB!) He’s now suggesting we play squash together.  I may be able to swim but squash will be a different story.  I’ll need a giant racquet and a pace that is usually reserved for the over 60s.


These days if I’m not swimming it’s either work or family.  Orkney Beef has been off work and Peedie Meatball has been on school holidays so we saw a lot more of her than usual which was a delight.  She never ceases to make us laugh with her funny one-liners and outlook on life and she never stops smiling.  We could all learn a thing or two from her I’m sure.  Our local restaurant is a brewery that used to be an old school many years ago and we went there for lunch yesterday.  There’s dressing up clothes for the children of some of the old school uniforms and of course, neither could resist trying on.

and we had lunch with this peedie smiler Nomi too, Peedie Meatball’s cousin.


and with all this entertaining the grandchildren it’s no wonder everyone’s shattered.


Have a great week everyone.


4 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. Pictures of the bairns and grandbairns are awesome, deffo ones for the wall. Love Nomi’s new nickname. Peedie smiler suits her to bits. First time in a long time seen Peedie Meatball tired too. Whats the secret? 😉 x

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