Oh Lawks I’m The Mother Of A 24 Year Old!

On my 24th birthday I was mother to a six week old baby called Katie.  Now Katie is a 24-year-old herself. How did this happen? Can someone tell me where 24 years of my life has gone because I have no idea.

Her blog name is Miss Lashes because she’s never normally seen without them.



She’s very beautiful, (if I may say so myself) and she’s clever and quirky and fun. She has a weird love for kale and sprouts and peas.




and she swigs out of hip flasks on graduation day. (sorry mum)

And sometimes her eyebrows have corners (which they personally, I don’t think they should)


And she’s ALWAYS loved Disney films and princesses but first performance ever she was made to be a shepherd and ‘dress like a boy’


and she’s she never recovered.

Happy Birthday Miss Lashes, we love you, stay brilliant and follow the advice on your card. It’s time you knew the truth. 😉 xxxx







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