My Week In Pictures

Last week I started with rainbows but this Monday was quite the opposite.  Storm Ophelia was well on the rampage around the rest of the country and Orkney managed to miss the worst of it.  However, on leaving work at 5pm the sky was black.  Thunder was rumbling as the sky was full of crows, it was like a scene from a horror movie. I managed to grab my phone and snap a few of them before they all disappeared and before getting drenched.


Birds and brooding skies at 5pm


There are some excellent Orkney photographers and many of them kind enough to let me use their photos. This stunning picture was taken by Ingrid Grieve who also paints.  Her amazing work can be seen for sale in many places around Orkney, and I’ll pop a link to her website under the picture.


Orkney during storm Ophelia

Ingrid Grieve Toumal Art Studio


Sometimes I think I’m a bit of a sky/cloud/light anorak but living here makes me so. My Friday afternoon looking up gave a very different view.  My road home takes me past views like this and the sky was once again amazing.

Sunset over Stenness
Ring of Brodgar

and here’s a throwback to last year when I woke to this misty morning view from my bedroom.

Misty Morning

Now, if you didn’t know I finished a swim challenge this week then where have you been?  I haven’t shut up about it for days and I promise I will….soon.  I knew the finish line was looming and I knew I wanted to reach my target by Friday so I had to up my game a bit and swim 40 lengths every day in order to finish on time. By Wednesday I came the closest thing to hitting the wall as a non-marathon running person could reach. By Thursday I just didn’t think I had what it took to get back in the pool, and those 40 lengths were by far the hardest of the whole lot.  However, Friday I was just excited to get in and finish.  People asked me I was doing it for charity and I decided to do a collection for Women’s Aid in Orkney.  I fitting tribute to my cousin who was unlawfully killed earlier this year.  She loved the blog and was very sporty.  I know she would approve. Having reached France I celebrated with a croissant for breakfast this morning before I head back.  It would be rude not to. 😉


HUGE thank you to those who have donated.  If you would like to donate yet, my just giving page is here

I won’t lie, I’ve been thoroughly lazy this weekend but enjoyed every minute of my doing nothing.  An hour in the library on Saturday morning was an hour well spent and with views like this, who could blame me?


Stromness library



View from the library

In other news I met Orkney Beef in his lunch break today for lunch together.  He did that thing he always does – looked at his watch as we sat down which sent a telepathic message to me saying ‘hoof your food down as quick as you can, no time for leisurely eating, I’ve only got an hour, you’re taking too long to choose, hurry up and take some Gaviscon or something’  His romance never ends, I’m a lucky woman. Good job I love him.

Have a great week everyone!









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