Getting side tracked.

Both my kids asked if I was going to talk about them on the blog today. Tech support for managing to fix and retrieve all the photos off the long abandoned ipad, and Miss Lashes  for producing this beautiful piece of art work this afternoon. Tech Support isn’t named that for nothing.  His ability to remain calm and work through computer or printer problems is something he does not get from me. I only have to see the token error message pop up for a nano second and I’m ready to smash up the whole thing with a hammer. Likewise Miss Lashes doesn’t get her artistic ability from me either.  Give me a paint brush or pencils and I would produce something that would be aptly named road kill.

‘Tree with a few creases’ by Miss Lashes

There is something I discovered today that I have however passed on to them, and that is clearly the ability to get side tracked.  Both are studying for exams, or at least meant to be; and both managed to put off the dreaded revision for more entertaining pursuits. My ability  to get side tracked seems to know no limits and before I realise it, a day has passed and I’ve actually achieved very little but I’ve been extremely happy whilst doing it.  I’ll start off doing one job then find myself doing something completely different without realising how I made the transition.

I was once packing to move house and next thing I found myself washing the pegs. Yes, you read that correctly. Washing the PEGS!!! This is a mere drop in the ocean.  Take for example going to bed.  Going to bed is a simple enough task right?  Here’s what happens in this house.

Orkney Beef.

  1. Announces he’s off to bed.
  2. Goes to bed.

I on the other hand can say I’m going to bed and end up doing 20 other tasks before actually getting there; the internal dialogue goes something like this. ‘Better defrost something for tea tomorrow, ooh I must post that letter, there’s that leaflet I’ve been looking for, I’ll put it in my bag, handbag needs clearing out, there’s that lipstick, must water the plants, has Tech Support got dinner money? that reminds me I was getting something out the freezer, oh heck the freezer needs defrosting, I’ll do that tomorrow.  Goodness, it IS tomorrow, I was going to bed ages ago….

Anyway, I started writing this blog about two hours ago, honestly! but at least I’ve managed to get the washing in, read emails, chat to Orkney beef, make a cuppa, look through the photos Tech support saved and find another piece of art work done my Miss Lashes. Not bad.

Happy weekend readers, I hope the sun shines.

Anchor by Miss Lashes




2 thoughts on “Getting side tracked.

  1. I love the art work from Miss Lashes.
    Being extremely happy, and having the wisdom to recognise it, is a wonderful gift. What you’re doing sounds awesome!


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