My Week In Pictures – Brief Glimpses Of Light

A week of the clocks going back and I am now like a pit horse.  I leave the house in the dark and come home in the dark and it feels like I never see daylight.  You can call me a drama queen all you want but I’m probably going to whine about it for quite some time.  The are some compensations though, and that’s the sunsets just keep on coming.

Sunset over Flotta


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Sometimes my work takes me to other islands of Orkney and I’m always pleased for a peaceful crossing.  This week I went to an island I’ve never visited before.  I’ve still so many to see but I can cross Flotta off my list.


Miss Lashes has been enjoying walks away from city life.  This view is yards away from our house and one neither of us tire of seeing.  The skies are different every day giving a fresh view.  The little church is no longer in use apart from the occasional wedding or funeral but

Skaill by Katie Brookfield

On Friday I went down to the cathedral to see a film that’s being projected onto the wall after 5pm.  This is in celebration of 100 years since Armistice Day.  The images were very moving and I would recommend making the effort to go and see them if you’re in Orkney this week.



The week ended on a high when we had friends over for dinner and had a huge dose of laughter.  It really is good for the soul.  Even the dog sank a few cheeky ones. 😉

IMG_1818 2



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