My Week in Pictures

Rainbows Through the Rain

It’s been a sad couple of weeks in our family (see Saying Goodbye to Step. ) I remember when I was grieving the loss of a loved one a few years ago and someone prayed I would ‘find my smiles again’.  I always thought it was a lovely expression and I hope my lovely family find a few rainbows through the rain.  I saw this one in Stromness earlier this week.  Rainbows can be a common sight in Orkney with the changing weather and brooding skies and always lighten a heavy heart even if it’s only briefly.


FullSizeRender 37.jpg
Rainbow over Stromness



Stripping the Willow

Last night a group of friends got together for a ceilidh to celebrate a birthday and raise money for a charity called Cafe Bless.  For those of you not from Scotland a ceilidh is pronounced ‘kay-lee’ and is Scottish/Orcadian dancing.  Sometimes in pairs and sometimes in groups.  I love to dance but Orkney Beef prefers to stand by the side with his hands in his pockets.  However, we have a lovely friend CrazyHaze who he can never say no to.  So here he is hating every minute of it (and counting the steps in his head bless him)

FullSizeRender 38.jpg


Some of the dances can get pretty rough.  There’s one called strip the willow which is very energetic and Orkney Beef is happy to take part in. I’ve stripped many a willow in the past and have been lucky to come out of it with my arms still in the sockets.  The nine pins too can be interesting.  All in all it was the loveliest of evenings and without wanting to sound too gushy, I feel genuinely blessed to have so many beautiful friends.



Birthday Bash

Orkney Beef’s granddaughter, Peedie Meatball, had a birthday this weekend and we spent the afternoon at hers eating cake and wondering where the last 5 years have gone.

Here she is on the day she was born when her tiny hand was lost with her grandad’s huge Shrek hands.


An Easter Message

We watched a fantastic wee You Tube clip this morning at church.  It’s called Kids present the Easter Story and is well worth a watch.  We all loved it.  However you spent your day I hope you’ve had a very Happy Easter and find many reasons to smile this week.

 Thank you so much for all the messages and kind comments recently.  It’s good to be back.



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