My Week In Pictures

It’s finally here!

It happened, it finally happened. What happened?  hot weather happened, a whole two days of heat, heat, heat. It was glorious.  Boiling hot sunshine that makes everyone smile and eat ice cream and say ‘it’s so hot’ every five seconds.

 I also discovered that cows can’t read the weather after all…..

FullSizeRender 41

It’s amazing what a difference the sunshine makes to the garden and I spent a happy weekend attending to my borders and pots that have been neglected over the winter and early spring. I love pottering around the garden and yesterday I was joined by friend Peedie Haze and we pottered together discussing what plants we love, what grows, how to tackle weeds etc and then we sat and drank copious amounts of tea in the sunshine.  What a great way to spend a Saturday.

Just Another Orkney Sunset

This week’s sunset was taken over Kirkwall harbour


The sun sets over the marina Kirkwall


Calm seas and tranquility

She’s Finished!

Technically this should be last weeks MWIP but it’s a late entry.  Miss Lashes sat her final exam for university last week and moved down to London to start her new job on Monday. Her friend sent me this snap chat when she came out the exam and I had quite a lump in my throat when I saw it.  Four years study and it’s all over.  It’s not been easy for her either, coping with a severe nut allergy that reared its ugly head last year as well as other goings on, but she did brilliantly and I’m sure all her hard work will pay off.


School’s out forever……

It’s all gone south (Or Orkney Beef has)

Orkney Beef went away for a few days to a fishing exhibition this week. *stifles yawn*  It’s not my cup of tea but it’s very much his so he was quite happy to go alone and I was quite happy to let him.  I don’t know what happens at fishing exhibitions, to be honest but he somehow came home with about 56 free keyrings and pens and a baseball cap…..

Anyway he encountered stunning scenery all the way there and back, and here’s a pic he took at Latheron.  Beautiful.



An Ending and a New Beginning 

After long 8 weeks, my cousin  Steph was finally laid to rest on Thursday.  It’s been a very difficult time for our family as the circumstances surrounding her death have dictated so much.  However her sister, my lovely cousin Cath has coped incredibly well and with the help of victim support, has managed to organize a funeral and all the complications that went with it.  I was unable to attend as I had a job interview and traveling from Orkney with limited time was just too complicated. However, Cath and the family so kindly enabled me to be part of it by allowing me to write a prayer that was read out during the funeral.  This meant I could be there in spirit and my thoughts were very much with them. Steph’s favourite colour was orange, so all the women wore orange corsages in honour of Steph, and flowers were orange and vibrant reflecting her personality.  When I had the phone call later that afternoon to say I’d got the job it brought a tear to my eye as it was so bitter sweet. Full-time permanent contracts are not always easy to come by in the council but I’ve managed to secure one and I’m very thankful.  I came home and raised a glass to a lovely cousin gone too soon, and to myself for securing a new beginning.  And of course,  in honour of Steph, I made sure the bubbly orange. I knew she would approve, and quite frankly it would be rude not to 😉

FullSizeRender 42.jpg
Raising a glass to a cousin gone too soon and a new job offer

Victim support have been so helpful and you can read about what they did for Steph and my family on her Just Giving page.  All monies raised will go to Victim Support and thank you to everyone who has donated. What a fantastic effort Just Giving for Steph



Have a great week everyone.  X





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