My Week In Pictures – Tears Of Joy and Sadness

My friend’s daughter’s best friend’s sister made Meghan Markles wedding veil.  Which I think you’ll find puts me well within six degrees of separation to the throne.  You may curtesy. 💁🏻‍👸🏻


I don’t plan to spam you with Royal Wedding talk for too long, but I do feel I should disclose that I have watched it four times already and cried more.  I thought the whole thing was absolutely beautiful. I loved seeing the outfits as the guests arrived, I completely loved Meghan’s dress, the way Harry looked at her, the music, (one hymn was sung at my brother’s funeral which was a major lump in throat moment) The Gospel choir, the flowers, carriages… I could go on and on. There were some really poignant moments, like seeing Meghan walk alone down the aisle and seeing her mother, standing alone and proud. It was a joyful occasion and I’m happy for people.  I was saddened to see people (some of them royals)  pulling faces as Bishop Michael Curry preached.  Is it too much to ask that people sit still and listen for 14 minutes? It reminds me of a phrase I once heard ‘money talks but wealth whispers’

But of the many highlights of the day, one of my favourites was the little page boy standing behind Meghan who’s smile was infectious as the fanfare sounded.  He loved his moment and brought enormous joy as he basked in his.  Here his is holding the veil that my friend’s daughter’s best friend’s sister made….

Not sure who to photo credit.  Someone off the internet.  Pinterest?

The daffodils are all gone over in Orkney but the fields are still a mass of yellow, but this is because overnight the place is full of dandelions.  It’s considered a weed but the humble dandelion always makes the fields look so pretty, and they feed the bees.  I’ve yet to make a lotion or potion from them but maybe one day I’ll give it a try.  Either way, Orkney is full of fields of gold, or at least yellow and I for one, love it.

Dandelion’s fill the fields everywhere
My home is over there *points top left*

This week Miss Lashes and NotPhil are in Florida for a wedding.  They were close to where my brother was buried nearly ten years ago so they went to visit the church and garden where his ashes are.  It was moving to see photos of the church again.  I had forgotten about the beautiful stained glass window with the lighthouse.  It brought back lots of memories.


The original wooden cross on the church was struck by lightning several years ago.  The splinters were made into smaller rugged crosses and our family were sent one across the miles.  A lovely and poignant keepsake.  You are never far from our thoughts Simon


Not long after moving to Orkney I came to know a lovely lady called May Stockan.  (Those of you who have eaten Stockans Oatcakes can thank her husband for the invention) May and I became great friends over the years and I visited her often to talk and pray.  She was a woman of mighty faith.  More recently, over the last three years or so, I was asked to be a carer for her.  This was an absolute privilege and never a chore.  On a Saturday morning, I would go over and we would brighten each others day, it was very much a two-way street.  Yesterday May became very unwell, and as we waited for an ambulance I pulled out her precious bible and read Psalm 23.  Verse 6 says ”Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever” This morning May went to take her place in the house of the Lord forever.  She was ready to go, but yesterday I told her we weren’t quite ready to let her.  May was always full of grace and gratitude and I will miss her dearly.  Goodbye dear May, and thank you for the privilege of knowing and caring for you.


Hoping you have a good week ahead with more tears of joy than sadness.  Have a good one.


8 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Tears Of Joy and Sadness

  1. You could make wine from the dandelions. I remember trying to explain this to a Frenchman. Was doing quite well (although he was pretty disbelieving) until I looked up the French for dandelion. It is pis-le-lit (translates as wet the bed in case you can’t work it out…). I think I lost his attention at that point!

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  2. The bride was beautiful, her mum was amazing, and the sermon…..was for everyone! I hope those who laughed will realise the truth behind what was said and learn to ‘love’ as God does. Thankyou for your blog. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know I’ve never made them 😂 but people make wine and syrups. I’m sure there are lots of things google will tell us if I ever get time to look.


  3. I think Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon was unexpected and unfamiliar in tone to British ears, which is what lead to the initial discomfort as people didn’t quite know what to make of him. Now though I’m pretty sure that the general consensus of opinion is that he stole the show. I for one thought he was fabulous and I know I’m not alone.
    Talking of dandelions, I’ve made wine from the flowers and dandelion coffee from the roots. I only made the coffee once 😝😖

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    1. Church goers up and down the country hear that kind of thing every Sunday. It was fantastic to hear him use his platform to the entire world so wisely. 😁


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