Happy Valley – Orkney’s Secret Treasure

When Orkney Beef makes spontaneous romantic gestures it instantly makes me suspicious.  Is he having an affair?  but no.  Then I remember how he always maintains one nagging  woman is plenty so must be he’s not.

Yesterday evening Orkney Beef suggested we go to Happy Valley to look at the bluebells.  He, I’m sure, has zero interest in looking at bluebells but he knows how much I wanted to see them and clearly wants to stay on the right side of me so off we went.

Happy Valley is Orkney’s secret treasure and the place where Orkney Beef proposed seven years ago today.  He said he thought it would be a good idea if we got married, and has probably spent the next seven years thinking his good ideas are actually really bad ones.


It was a beautiful May evening and a great chance to see the beautiful hidden place that is so dear to me.

Bluebells, also known up here as grape hyacinth are everywhere in Happy Valley, and occasionally pink.  Something I had never seen until I moved to Orkney.

If you live in Orkney and know this little location which is off the beaten track it’s well worth a run out to see.



And of course we posed for the obligatory 7 year anniversary selfies.

IMG_1495To be fair, his spontaneous, romantic gesture paid off.  We had a really lovely evening.  Usually, he only kisses me to make the dog jealous.




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