Let them get dirty

Let them get dirty.  It means they have been outside, breathing in fresh air, warming their skin in the sun shine, running,  climbing, playing and expanding their imaginations.  They’ve been pirates or rogue princesses, dragon slayers and knights in shining armour, they’ve presented cookery programs with much needed mud pies, and opened rose petal perfume … More Let them get dirty

Rhubarb Cake

If we could live off rhubarb, eggs and a bit of freelance writing, I’d be edging close to self sufficiency and entering the good life by now. Sadly that dream is yet to be realised but I can  teach you how to impress people and make them think you’re a baking genius with the easiest … More Rhubarb Cake

Getting side tracked.

Both my kids asked if I was going to talk about them on the blog today. Tech support for managing to fix and retrieve all the photos off the long abandoned ipad, and Miss Lashes  for producing this beautiful piece of art work this afternoon. Tech Support isn’t named that for nothing.  His ability to remain … More Getting side tracked.

Digging up the past

Orkney hosts many ancient sites that show us how our ancestors lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  There’s Skara Brae, the ancient stone houses believed to be around 5000 years old, Maeshowe complete with its Viking graffiti, Ring O’ Brodgar the ancient standing stones and many more sites. Archaeology is a big deal … More Digging up the past