Gaining a new perspective

Photo by Linda Ann Scott

A funny thing happened when I first saw this photo a few months ago.  It was on my friend’s Facebook page and I admired it and commented that it was a stunning picture.  I wondered where it was and thought how peaceful it looked and it would be a great place to live if I didn’t live in Orkney.  I thought the only thing that was missing was a Postman Pat van and thought it  might actually top where I live as being the best place to live which would be pretty difficult to do as I love living where I live.

Here’s where the funny thing happened

I read the other comments and discovered it was  where I lived.


Closer inspection made me realise. The difference was I’m not used to viewing it from that angle before and I was amazed at how I didn’t recognise it. You can’t actually see my house but it’s to the left of the picture. I drive or walk down the track road every single day and yet had failed to see it.  I once did an an exercise years ago where we were all in a room and told to draw our watch face. It was in the days when we all had watches not mobile phones and would’ve checked it several times a day. There was about 20 of us and no one got it right. We all looked but did not see.

What beautiful part of your life are you missing because you look but don’t actually see? Look from a different angle and find a new appreciation.  Try it.


For the camera geeks who want the science bit, here is what Linda had to say about  the photo when asked if she’d enhanced it ‘this is eau natural, beautiful natural colours taken with my fujifilm fujinon zoom lens optical image stabilisation’ Make sense?  Lovely!



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