Middle aged road rage.

I did a very British thing yesterday.  I was driving along a road that wasn’t quite wide enough for two cars.  I saw a car quite far away heading towards me, and had to make one of those split second decisions.  Do I hare it up the road and meet him at the passing place  saving  30 seconds driving time, or just pull over at the current passing place and wait it out?

I decided on option two and pulled over.   I waited the agonising 30 seconds for him to pootle up the road and pass me by; which he did with no acknowledgement.  No nod, wave or flash of the lights.  He didn’t even look at me to mouth a thank you. Zilch, zero, nada, nothing, nil, not a single thing.

You know where this is going  don’t you readers?

I was so outraged, that I had so graciously given up hours of my time so that he could make his way smoothly down the road without delay, that I said in a loud sarcastic voice

‘Oh you’re VERY welcome!’ and put on my best frowny disapproving  face.

Did he hear me?  Of course not because he had long since driven off not giving two hoots about my sarcasm, but it made me feel better.  As I continued on my journey I got stuck  behind tractors, and lorries and more tractors.  What was this, Orkney rush hour? I would never have got stuck behind all these slow moving vehicles if I hadn’t been so polite and helpful towards Mr Ungrateful-no nod- wave or thank you person.  So of course by the time I arrived for my appointment a mere 3 minutes late it was all HIS fault and nothing at all to do with me cutting it fine in the first place.

Truth?  Nope.

I don’t have road rage but maybe I need to address my eye rolling and muttering.

Aside from my stage whispered sarcasm I did another British thing today.  At the end of a long winter, where it feels like I’ve have done nothing but whinge about the weather, we had the second day of intense heat and sunshine.  Really beautiful gloriously hot sunshine. So do you know what I did?

Had a conversation with someone about how it was a bit too hot.

True story

I’m sorry.



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