My week in pictures

Finally the hyacinths and tulips are out.  I think we’re a bit later up here or maybe I’m later than others around Orkney because I’m in quite an exposed area.  Either way it warms my heart to see them and the scent from a hyacinth is like no other.13187824_10154442081055995_601017945_nThe weather has been a little changeable but finally towards the end of the week the sun really shone and I managed to capture this view on my way to work.  I thought the clouds were amazing.

Clouds and blue skies on the road to Stromness Orkney

Much as I would love to be home and in the garden or the beach on such a day it’s no real hardship going to work when you have a panoramic view like this from your workplace.

Overlooking Stromness harbour.  Orkney

Friday morning was glorious.  I think the hottest it’s been this year and I was able to wear sunglasses for genuine reasons rather than sitting on top of my head to keep the hair out of my eyes.  I walked the dog and once again took in the beautiful view; I never fail to appreciate the stunning place where I live, and having been a city girl until I moved  I still can’t quite believe I live here. It’ll be 8 years this summer and I wonder if I ever will?

I love this little gate I see on my dog walk.

The chickens made another bid for freedom.  I caught them all trying to get over the garden wall.  Little brats.

Three little maids from school

Two great messages from kirk this morning.  One for the children and one for the adults but both relevant.  We heard about how a friend loves at all times and once again made me so grateful for the friends I have who are so loyal to me and who I can trust completely to be on my side.  You all know who you are and I thank you. The other was about using our gifts and talents to serve, support, encourage, uplift and love others. I was told this week that my writing was uplifting and I felt uplifted in return to be told that. We are all good at something, so find that good thing and just go and do it.  You will make someone smile I’m sure and get a smile for yourself in return.

The light shines in the stained glass windows at Stromness Town Hall.


Have a great week everyone.


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