My Week in Pictures

Monday was BOILING (Tuesday too).  I blogged earlier in the week about how it was almost too hot but it was certainly a great day for gardening in your wellies.


The sun shone and shone and this local field is full of the humble dandelion, turning the ordinary into the extra ordinary. This is the view from my dog walk and my house is in the pic too.


I had a  precious couple of hours in the garden with a very dear friend of mine. We were interrupted by a noisy starling on the roof but it didn’t deter us from putting the world to rights.  A most enjoyable afternoon and I hope to do it again soon.


Unfortunately the week  took an exhausting turn following Miss Lashes 5th hospital admission. Thankfully her anaphylactic reaction wasn’t as severe as previous ones which is a step in the right direction but that dreaded phone call at 3am meant we were all lacking sleep. No sooner had I emailed someone later in the day to say I had too many balls in the air I figuratively dropped them all. I sent the email then went outside to collect the hens eggs. I picked up all three and immediately dropped one.  The hens made a b-line for it and started to eat it and I had to stop them from getting a taste for eggs.  If hens eat their own eggs you have a big problem.  I set the two remaining eggs down in order to catch three hens, no easy task.  As fast as I put one in the house it popped back out again while I collected the next one.  I finally managed it (with great difficulty) then turned to pick up the two remaining eggs which had rolled off the ledge and smashed!  Those people that say don’t put all your eggs in one basket know what they are talking about. Anyway a few early nights and we’ll all be right as rain again I’m sure.  Have a great week everyone.

Miss Lashes
The beautiful Miss Lashes  



2 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. Dear, dear Sarah

    Have only just read these last two…. Touched by discretion re friend visit item (not realising ref. till saw pic!) , became flabbergasted at turn of events, esp. since I had that day been apprehensive you seemed a bit late , fearing the worst. What can I say…. Pray in my own way ? And hope for safe negotiation throughout her life for this beautiful girl . She and you so deserve it.

    The Dirty one is a brilliant, moving sermon . I have a dirty story too! Remember to ask me next time we meet – it’s actually also a ‘mother’ one .

    Best wishes, keep strong, and much love.

    E. X Sent from my iPad



  2. Thank you for your lovely, encouraging words as always Elizabeth. Praying in your own way is highly appreciated and the support from family and friends very valuable. Would love to hear the story on kids getting dirty (or maybe it was Archie!) I’ll be back over soon to hear it. x


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