My Week in Pictures

From time to time Orkney dwellers like to ‘get off the rock’ as I hear folk say, and join the rest of the world ‘Sooth’ for a weekend of shopping and entertainment. I had such a weekend with colleagues from work as we went to Aberdeen to see the stage production of Grease and generally haemorrhage as much money as we could on shopping before going back to the airport. It was a great weekend with lots of laughter but not without it’s moments. It’s been pretty windy in Orkney and the flight was smooth enough despite a warning that it might be bumpy. We saw the sun rise from above the clouds for a change.

Things were going swimmingly until landing time and we were caught in the cross winds. What resulted was an experience we would normally only pay five quid for at Dounby Show. I don’t want to appear like a drama queen, I was surprisingly brave, but I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a landing like it before. There was a hushed silence in the cabin and a few pale looking faces as we all struggled between being scared for our lives and not wanting to lose face. Well done the pilot, what a responsibility!

After arriving and resisting heading straight for the gin bar for breakfast to calm our nerves? we checked in and started the shopping. I’d forgotten city shopping and it didn’t take long to remember why I don’t miss it.

Can I help you with anything?

Yes. I just want to make it in and out of a shop with out someone approaching me to ask if they can help me with anything. Thanks.

Maybe I’m being unfair to their helpfulness but I’m well practised at shopping and just want to be left alone. If I need something I’ll ask. And when I do I don’t want to get a look as though I carry the plague by some teenage whipper snappers either. However, despite my impatience I managed to cram so much into my case I thought I was going to have to wear half my wardrobe home to I obviously coped.

Other activities involved Breakout. An escape room which are all the rage just now. As a team you are locked in a room for an hour with a count down clock and have to problem solve your way out of it. (Who remembers the Krypton Factor) it was brilliant fun and we managed to make it out with minutes to spare. There were moments when people’s more competitive streaks came through.

‘Just give it here, my eyesight’s better’ said my friend as I fumbled around with a padlock with teeny tiny numbers. But all good fun.

In the evening it was off to Grease. (The show not the country). We went as the Pink Ladies and quite frankly, I think we pulled it off.

Not everyone had their glasses on at this point by it was worth it just to show you the Olivia Newton John look alike of the pack, bottom left. 😉

Post-show we laughed ’till we cried looking at the photos. All worth it, thanks for a great weekend everyone.

I’m currently reading ‘I am, I am, I am’ by Maggie O’Farrell and it’s breathtaking. I love her novels and this one is her first non-fiction. This page nearly had me in tears and she talks about leaving home and her mother’s reaction.

Don’t go’ She whispered.

I can identify.

‘You were a nightmare to rear’ she said later.

I can identify.

But really Miss Lashes I remain ever proud of you.

I’m now stuck at the airport waiting to get home. The flight is delayed by over four hours already. I’ve walked so many miles I can hardly put one in front of the other. If I hear one more flight announcement I’ll cry. Chances of me doing anything else when I get home? Answer below….

Have a great week everyone.


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