My Week in Pictures

It’s all going to be ok folks,  I’ve seen my first snowdrops of the year! This is definitely an annual, spirit-lifting moment for me, and something I’m always excited by as the tiny white flowers bring renewed hope as it signals the beginning of the end of winter. This welcome sighting was at the end of a particularly wet and windy walk and made the whole thing worth it. Last week I had begun Operation No Excuses and vowed to walk every day regardless of the weather.  Monday morning had been very icy underfoot and taken longer than usual, then Tuesday the weather had changed again and I woke up to gales and rain.  Undeterred I invited Orkney Beef to join me as he was on a day off work.

‘Who’s going to wear the trousers?’ 

Metaphorically speaking that’s still up for debate, but he was referring to his waterproof breeks which I had been borrowing until now.  Thankfully I had just purchased a second pair, all be it a little too long in the leg and we set for off, both resplendent in our high viz jackets. The dog managed to poop in two separate places at the beginning of the walk which resulted in us having to carry our little bags of cargo the whole way.  Added to our woes we had to stop several times for Orkney Beef to roll up my too long trouser legs, and all while the the wind and rain was blowing directly into our faces.

are you enjoying our date?’ I asked him.  He growled a reply but I honestly don’t know how to spell what he said. 🙂

Last week I had tried and failed to capture the field of birds taking flight as I walked past them early in the morning.  This week I was ready for them, and whilst it’s no Alfred Hitchcock movie, and many were quicker than me, I at least managed to get some of them.

friendlier birds

Orkney Beef made some comment last night about my continual photographic of views and skies.  I’m constantly whipping out my phone everywhere we go, but living here wouldn’t you?

View from my dog walk

and just this afternoon I managed to capture my home against yet another beautiful sunset backdrop.


Last night we spent a lovely evening in the company of our granddaughter Peedie Meatball and her mum and dad.  I’m a step-granny and known as ‘Granny Sarah’ and as usual she kept us entertained the whole evening.  Mummy Meatball made a lovely roast dinner and we spent the evening looking through old photo albums and I saw a considerably younger and thinner Orkney Beef.  All in all it was the loveliest of evenings.

I had a lovely moment with each of my children this week.  The first was a text from Miss Lashes.  She’d got a first in both of her modules.  She’s in the final year of Uni and it’s not been easy for her.  Last year she was hospitalized with anaphylaxis following a severe nut allergy.  She went on to spend several times in hospital in the next few months and it was a worrying time.  She has also through her life experienced periods of high-level anxiety which is heartbreaking to watch.  When it peaks I sometimes run out of things to say and struggle to be of any use to her, other than to reassure her she’s going to be ok. It can be hard on everyone, but in spite of all this, she’s managed to keep doing well with her studies. Well done ML!

FullSizeRender 39.jpg

My moment with Tech Support was when we were waiting in the car for a while.  He has prelims (or mocks as you might call them in England) this coming week and decided to revise while waiting.  He pulled out some poetry and read it to me so we could discuss it.  ‘In the snack bar’ was one I remember from my English lessons and to hear him read it, especially with his lifelong struggle with dyslexia, just melted my heart.  I wanted to cry I was so choked and it still brings a lump to my throat now.  He’s at that teenage, grunting, hunched over, knuckles dragging on the ground stage and conversation is usually scarce, which is probably what’s made me so soppy about an impromptu poetry reading.

In other news, he fixed the Netflix glitch on the T.V. today.  Seriously, what’s not to love about the boy?

A precious moment with Tech Support

Have a great week everyone and feel free to tell me about your highlights and snowdrop moments!


4 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. It’s so special to rejoice in the “small” things on life. All in all your week was a special one. I hope to photograph that sky for myself in the not too distant future. Keep writing!

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  2. You write so beautifully Sarah and share your experiences and make us feel part of it. Good luck with the walking and enjoy the beautiful skies, birds, snowdrops on the way. I am currently painting snowdrops. XX

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