Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

So I haven’t blogged in a few days because sometimes, you know life gets busy, and I’d lost my writing mojo a bit. In fact, in all honesty I was a bit worried I might have run out of things to say after only telling you a few days ago that Orkney Beef didn’t think that was humanly possible.  So I thought tonight I would write something after tea.

 Orkney Beef gets in just after seven so we sit down to eat at about quarter past. The meatballs were in the oven and all I needed to do was put the spaghetti in the water.  Just as it’s half in and half out and I’m waiting, not very  patiently for it to bend in the middle so I can lower the other half in and cook it (always seems to take forever but maybe I’m just impatient) a message comes through on my phone.

‘Hi Sarah, do you know what time you might make it down tonight?’

This was an extremely diplomatic message from my friend and neighbour which I will now translate into reality for you.

‘Hi Sarah, remember that time I asked you to babysit and you said you’d love to and I said ok be here for 6.45pm and you said ok no bother I’m looking forward to it and then a few days later we bumped into each other and I said still ok for babysitting and you said yes fine and you spoke to my kids and told them to choose their favourite bedtime story and you were excited about reading them a bedtime story because it was a long time ago that you used to read bedtime stories to your kids and so here they are bouncing off the walls all excited that you’re coming to see them and read them bedtime stories except it’s now 7.05pm and you’re not here because you’ve forgotten haven’t you?’

Oh shoot…….

Just as I was texting back saying I was reeeeeally sorry and I was on my way and I’d be there in two minutes, Orkney Beef walked in the door.

‘Hi, I’m meant to be babysitting and I totally forgot.  There’s meatballs in there *points* and there’s some spaghetti here (half in the pot, half out)  bye’

 and I walked right past him and out the door. With that the phone started ringing and the spaghetti still never made it fully into the pot. Orkney Beef answered the phone and I raced down the road, went flying in the house apologising and was greeted by an excited 5 year old who’s first words to me were

‘you have thick legs’

Maybe it’s just as well I missed dinner.

Oh and the spaghetti was a disaster by the way

Just keeping it real guys……




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