My Week in Pictures

It’s been a week of ever changing weather this week which resulted in empty shelves in my local shop.  Boats carrying supplies didn’t get here due to severe gales in the early/mid part of the week combined with panic buying due to snow forecast for the end of the week, meant there was very little in the way of fruit and veg to be had.  Personally, I think panic buying fruit and veg is a completely unnecessary overreaction so I concentrated on panic buying Prosecco and chocolate.


The gales lasted a few days and then came the ice, wind and snow combo. It all looks very pretty but driving to work in a hailstorm is no fun.

FullSizeRender 28.jpg


Although bitterly cold, the weather turned milder and today there was a mist making lochs look like they were filled with boiling water and fields took on a more romantic brooding look. Orkney never fails to be stunning no matter the weather. It was very strange waking up in the night recently and there was no sound at all from the wind as it had completely died down.

FullSizeRender 29.jpg
Mist on the loch 15.01.2017


I had some more pictures to show but the wretched internet has conked out on me again so I’ve given up.  It’s one of the biggest pests of living where we do on the mainland, very poor internet service.  We are switching service providers soon and I’m hopeful that in a couple of weeks or so I won’t have the frustrations I do now.  So on that happy note I’ll remember that worse things can happen and I’m off to get ready for another week. I hope you all have a good one folks!






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