Keeping the romance alive

I came across this cartoon pic the other day which made me smile.

FullSizeRender 16.jpg
also messaging your husband after marriage…

We are much closer to 50 than 30 but the sentiment is much the same if you just change the wording slightly to ‘messaging your husband before marriage and after marriage’ Romance isn’t dead, but practicalities take over.

Tech Support has gone away for a few days giving Orkney Beef and I the perfect opportunity to have the honeymoon we missed out on when we married 5 years ago.  We were both off work for a few days and the weather great for this time of year, giving us the chance to take romantic walks on the beach, enjoy candlelit suppers, and generally while away many happy hours in each others company.

So here’s what actually happened

I defrosted the freezer, sorted out the garage of all the boxes that had been sitting there since we moved house three years ago, cleaned out the hens and filled up the trailer ready for the tip, while Orkney Beef fixed the outside light which had been broken for nearly twelve months then chopped wood to stock up over the winter. He’s also bought chips and fixed the annual potholes in the road and trod his muddy boots all over the floors I had just washed. Today he fixed the light a second time but this time it didn’t involve smashing the old one with a hammer, just a bit of jiggery pokery with a screw driver, then drove all the stuff to the tip while I went and bought the Christmas tree which incidentally is going to require a blog all to itself…..

We did manage a dinner with Peedie Meatball and her parents last night, and tomorrow we are having dinner with some good friends of ours.  Then it’s back to work and Tech Support comes home again.  This is life, it’s what keeps us together; and we’ve enjoyed our little honeymoon and used the time wisely.

Just keeping it real.


4 thoughts on “Keeping the romance alive

  1. Sounds about right that. Three kids under 8, a husband studying his mastets part time and a truck load of things to pack, sort and redistribute before our journey north… takes over and is as always “realer than real”.

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