My Week in Pictures

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

The festive eating has begun and is showing little sign of letting up this week.  I have an enforced starvation coming up due to a wee trip to hospital  which might provide some damage limitation but it’s a tad drastic, but more about that later.

I had my first Christmas dinner on Friday, I’m a no sprouts person but had a teeny one as a token gesture just to show I’m not a complete Bah Humbug.

 IMG_3351.JPGWe also enjoyed the company of Peedie Meatball who is always smiling and very happy to show off her Christmas jumper and ‘Santa lugs’ (lugs are ears in Orcadian)

There’s been a lot of tree lighting ceremonies this week and Orkney now has her decorations up which always looks so pretty when driving around in the dark. I also received my first card, this lovely pop-up nativity from my sister.  I’m not very good with cards, it’s always a bit hit and miss with me. So if you know me and don’t get a card then… Sorry :-S



This afternoon was spent in the company of our friends CrazyHaze, Ivory Tickler and Normal Guy.  We had a good dinner and a good laugh as well as enjoying another spectacular Orkney sunset.


The lovely CrazyHaze


Saturday Sunset from my house



Sunset on Sunday evening. Clear skies with the moon and a planet just in sight.

And finally, I think this has to be one of my favourite pictures of Miss Lashes and NotPhil.  It was taken at a wedding recently and is too lovely not to share.  In truth they are always nagging me to get a mention in MWIP.  This should keep them happy for a while. IMG_3262 2.JPGHave a great week everyone and thank you to those that have stopped me this week to say they’re enjoying the blog.  It always means a lot to me.



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