View from the window

Winter drags on,  occasionally misleading us that it’s over by producing a beautiful sunny morning or even day, but quickly returns to biting winds and sleety showers.  Today’s photo was taken from my bedroom window late last summer;  I remember including the frame just to prove it really was from my window.  It’s good to remind myself that it really will be like this again even though it feels far away just now. I have planted sweet pea seeds ready for warmer weather along with other annual plants and vegetables and they are all on my windowsill getting daily inspection.  Today I bought my seed tatties and more bags for growing them and gardening will slowly begin to take up more of my thoughts and time as the weather begins to improve. Gardening is a fairly new activity for me, I’m a learner but having great encouragement from the local gardening club which I joined late last year and other green fingered friends.  Bulbs I planted autumn last year are beginning to poke through the ground and I have high hopes that the border you see in the picture will be filled with some of my favourite flowers alliums being one of them.

I recently acquired some gardening magazines which filled me with much excitement and made me wonder how close to middle age I was becoming. This was quickly confirmed by turning over the first page to advertising including certain products which enable older women to laugh dance and climb trees with confidence. Another page advertised those giant slipper things that you put both feet into. So even though I don’t consider gardening a middle aged hobby, I certainly felt the advertising pointed in that direction. I’m not remotely bothered. I only hope that if I have to make a dash for the door or the phone I remember I have both feet in a giant slipper and don’t fall over.




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